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Here, Endeth The Lesson

24 October 2018 @ 14:44

Interesting remarks from John Shuba over in the Comments section of SteynOnline.  Let me just deal with this one [you can read the whole thing by clicking here][picture mine]:

…I DON’T believe that faith can be “faked” for the purely utilitarian purpose of propping up the society, values and codes that real religion originally created and have handed down to us. As genuine belief recedes it creates a moral and cultural vacuum that society will try and fill with……something else. Like you, I have seen this in England where the Anglican Church has pretty much gone out of the “religion business” and acts more like some large, inefficient and preachy welfare agency. The empty pews on Sunday signal that the collapse of Anglicanism is near and the church hierarchy doesn’t seem to mind. They don’t believe in all of that guff about salvation, the soul, resurrection and the infinite mercy of an all-knowing God anymore. What does that have to do with important issues such as transgender marriage and the politics of “intersectionality?”

We seem to be trying to fill up this void with crass materialism, a weirdly pagan belief in an all-consuming and all-prevailing technology and of course politics (and in particular, “identity politics.”) But it’s not the same thing. Christianity gave up on its expansive and [proselytizing] mission ages ago. Our current crop of Western elites believes either religion is just plain stupid or that all of them are pretty much the same. (Although they then run into the problem of denigrating other cultures as a result of their faith and the PD bells go off. Dissing Christians is just fine.)

While I disagree with his specifics, I think we’re in agreement about the generalities.

In the video, which accompanied this post, Mark made the wistful comment that, to paraphrase, ‘Oh, if we could only go back to where lip-service was paid to the Anglican Church’.  In other words: at least those who had lost their Faith would accept that Christian Values had brought us to where we were.

I agree with Mr. Shuba that, unless you have a Deep and Abiding Faith in Christian Values, you can never fully implement the things which made Western Civilization [ie: Christendom] the envy of the world.

This is a problem which other Religions have been wrestling with and, most often, the solution for it’s members is to become more Christian.

Hence the rapid conversion of good numbers of the rest of the World, outside of The West, to Christianity.  In fact, as we here in The West lose our Faith, their Faith seems to be getting more Intense.

This is not a good thing.

We would be giving-up on that spark and flame which led The West and, subsequently, the whole of the World.  For it is our version of Christianity that leads all of the others in Purity — notice I said ‘leads all of the others in Purity’.  Ours is by no means a Pure version; it is, however, the closest to Pure [one of the Greatest Truths our Judeo/Christianity teaches us is to recognize that we are Sinners in the Face Of God, that we must Humble ourselves towards Him].

So, it is incumbent upon us to lead the World to even greater heights — with Divine Providence on our side.

Here, endeth the lesson.


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