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And What Will This ‘Win’ Get Us

09 October 2018 @ 14:40

Over at SteynOnline, two commentators make good points about Donald Trump.

The first is from Roy Koczela:

…I think a major reason Trump is able to act so “tough” is because he has wholly surrendered to the Left on issues which he’d have a harder time fighting on in public.

Let’s see Trump get up there and tell people “Social Security’s a Ponzi scheme; I hear people say they “paid in”. Get real, losers! You paid the previous generation, and now you want the next one to pay you. Losers! MAGA!”

Yeah, never happen. So Paul Ryan is a wimp because he actually makes the case to the totally inadequate, measured, moderate extent it can be made, while Trump is a tough guy because he has wholly and totally surrendered to the Left.

The second from John Frary:

Roy Koczela, Exactly so. Tough guys can tell the truth to their followers. Trump reassures them. Social Security, no worries. All is well you’re checks will always be in the mail. No changes needed. Same for Medicare and Medicaid. Same for every benefit on offer for everybody. Exception, perhaps, for inveterate enemies, e.g., the swamp dwellers. He’s never led troops in battle, tamed a lion, walked a tight-rope over a steep drop. He plays the alpha male and admire alpha males. A real test awaits.

The President has the idea in his head that there are certain issues he dare not bring-up to his followers.  Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid — throw-in even Obamacare under it’s new name: TrumpGOPcare [he and the GOP own it now].

What you have is a situation where, while Mr. Trump ‘stood-up under pressure from the Democrats/Leftists’, it wasn’t such a risk because, if he had lost, the President would have been able to campaign on the Evil that is the Left and the fecklessness of a few [or one] Republicans.

This is but one example of what he and the GOPe have ‘risked’.

So, either way: Trump and the GOP win.

And what will this ‘win’ get us?

-More conservatives, some of whom will join the GOP Establishment.

-Many more fuzzy-headed Moderates, who are already card-carrying members of the We Love Mitch Fan Club.

It is already too late to field actual True Conservatives who will stand their ground on most issues and get them through the Primaries — Cocaine Mitch, Paul Ryan and their Cronies already saw to that.

For conservatives, no matter what happens, this Mid-Term Election will be a grand disappointment.

Sorry to spoil the celebrations [heh, I waited a few days, at least].

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    09 October 2018 @ 18:48 18:48

    only an idiot tries to fight every battle at once

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