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.@ChuckGrassley, Never Complain, Never Explain: Vote, Dammit

22 September 2018 @ 18:30

Senator Charles Grassley sent this Tweet last night:

When did you decide to become Abnormal, Senator?

‘Just one more delay…okay?…just one more…no really…

Enough is enough, Mr. Grassley.

You have bent over backwards so far that your head is up your arse — pull it out, clean off the effluvia, and end this obvious charade.

What’s even more insulting, Senator, is your apology to Judge Kavanaugh and his Family [done, this Tweet indicates, via Twitter].

Have you no Honor?

I want you to look the Judge’s Children and Wife in the face and explain why you’re allowing this Farce, this easily perceived and understood, this transparent, Sham to continue.

Why do you want to ‘hear her’ now?

Lord knows you’ve given her enough chances.

I can only conclude that you’ve become so intimidated by the Leftist Takeover of our Culture that you’re afraid to incur the Wrath of people who would never vote for you, nor hesitate to take you down for the smallest of infractions.

You, Senator, are a Coward.

The Left now is sure of this and they will ‘let you live’ as long as you remain their nice, little Useful Idiot.


‘Second trombone’?  Senator: You think too highly of yourself.

I think, sadly, that Jesse Kelly will be proven a prophet:


It’s hard not to Despair when you see this crap happening.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 September 2018 @ 10:07 10:07

    If Kavanaugh’s nomination fails, Trump will not get any more of his nominees on the court.

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