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‘The Left Can Not Be Allowed To Regain Power’

17 September 2018 @ 14:49

Inquisitor Kaiju’s Tweetstorm is dead solid perfect [tip of the fedora to Wombat; picture mine]:

The left can not be allowed to regain power.

I have seen them break senate rules

Use 35 year old unprovable allegatolms to smear a man

Call for the senate in its current form to be destroyed

Dox and humiliate people for disagreeing

They are not dissuaded by any form of shame, or any kind of common humanity. Reality is molded at whim.

They will gladly ruin your life. They will get you fired, make you unemployable. Harass your children and your family members. All for stepping out of line win their understanding of “justice”

They run the schools.

They run the entertainment industry

They run the immovable bureaucracy

They run the modes of communication.

Churches to the gods of progress, and progress is a jealous god.

You must say the correct thing.

You must buy the correct brands.

You must eat the correct foods.

What you see and what you hear are interpreted for you.

You will be happy in the arms of the church.

If you are unable to comply they will gladly mold your children through the institutions they control.

Then they will laugh and rub it in your face as you watch them slip away from your grasp and into the arms of hedonistic nothing.

A man [I’m assuming from the fire-and-brimstone-ness of it] after my own heart.

Many on our side tell us that the difference between conservatives and the Left is that the latter believe we are evil and we believe they are misguided.


The Left believes we are — not some supernatural force — but Sub-Human, that we on the Right are to be treated as worse than animals because we are sentient and should know better, but we continue to refuse to be ‘Enlightened’ by them.

The Left are Evil Incarnate [ie: Human].  They will do whatever it takes to achieve their ends.  They have no Shame.  They have rejected Morality and Tradition — it’s actually worse because they have gone beyond mere rejection and sought to wipe-out thousands of years of Wisdom and Beauty.  They have also sought to crush our Posterity under the jackboots of their Malice by seeking to ‘Engineer’ them.

The Leftists are Semi-Barbarians, seeking to drag us all into a Hellish Dark Age.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 September 2018 @ 10:12 10:12

    As ACE has opined repeatedly the Left can only be defeated if we use their rules against them.


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