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The Sum Of My @GOP Fears: #SmearingKavanaugh

16 September 2018 @ 20:36

Friend In The Ether Jim DelRay Tweeted the following thread:

If conservatives and GOPers can’t figure out that this was a stage-managed fake-o-la hit job on Kavanaugh, then they’re too stupid to live and should shuffle off into the memory banks like the Whig Party.

All you need to know is that DiFi said that she sat on this letter for 2 months. If it’s so damning, why not come out with it when Kavanaugh was first nominated? Why did this come out after the hearings? Oh, because it’s a two-bit smear job.

Again, if the GOP caves in to this obvious slime strategy, than they’re stupid. Not just, ‘ooops, we fell for a clever tactic’ stupid. No, if they fold up in the face of total Dem bullshit, it’s a sign that the GOP has neither the intelligence or the will to effectively fight.

I really fear they will cave-in.

Surprisingly, I think people like Grassley, Cornyn, and Graham will not, because I sense that they’re actually — this time only…probably — fed-up with the Leftist BS.

But Collins and Murkowski are the kind of RINO Fools who, despite the [often vicious] threats against them, would cave just to protect their Feminist bona fides.

The Congress, you see, is now nothing but a Clown Show that should have been canceled a long time ago.  Actually, it may be more appropriate to call them a Circus Show, because they’ve been morphing into a useless entertainment act since The Left decided that Power And Control resides in The Administrative State and the unelected Courts.  Like every good Circus, the Congress has it’s clowns and it’s freaks and it’s animals who prance around the arena, producing tons of excrement.  In short, it’s a bunch of pygmies.

So don’t be surprised if the cave walls come-a-tumblin’ down.

  1. Boston Fred permalink
    16 September 2018 @ 20:40 20:40

    The American people realize how corrupt and desperate the Leftards are. The only question is will the RINOs rescue their fellow partners of the uniparty?

  2. 17 September 2018 @ 00:24 00:24

    Gave up on the GOP in 2014. Gave up on Democrats in 1980. There’s no Party of any substance that represents me today, and few if any politicians in any elected Office that have my respect. Zero trusts afforded to any DC denizen.

    Trump isn’t a politician. He’s a hand grenade tossed in the middle of the congenially corrupt lot of ‘em to frag ‘em all. For better or worse, Trump’s changed everything we knew about DC, he’s exposed the worms writhing in their heads, and that’s something that never stops bringing smiles to my stone face.

    I’m more pleased and satisfied that Trump won in July 2016 than when he won again in November 2016. Circus tent full of midgets that the GOP trotted out to face Hillary, and Trump slew the lot of ‘em. Then he gutted Hillary.


  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    23 September 2018 @ 10:05 10:05

    Republicans never learn. There are new rules now and Republicans need to play by them. This has simply been about power for decades now. Republicans need to use it while they have it.

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