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On The Continuing Presence Of The Clintons In Our Political Life

11 September 2018 @ 14:50

Over at SteynOnline, Club Member John Shuba makes some very good points about La Cosa Clinton:

…They remain incredibly wealthy, politically powerful, adored by the media and can look back on lives where they have gotten away with virtually everything. But why aren’t they happy? What do they still want?

There’s a great exchange between Humphrey Bogart’s world-weary Frank McCloud and Edward G. Robinson’s snarling Johnny Rocco in the classic “Key Largo.” Lionel Barrymore asks Rocco “What do you want Rocco?” Rocco isn’t sure how to answer but McCloud says, “Rocco knows what He wants – He wants MORE!” Rocco lights up and says, “Yeah – That’s what I want. I want more!

Thats the Clintons. They are up-to-date gangsters who want MORE. And they will never get enough.

They certainly conduct themselves like the most brazen of gangsters, and even more so when they find they can get away with it [which is most of the time — shame on us].

Club Member Fran replied:

It must have something to do with fear of being lost into permanent political oblivion. I can’t help but think they go around humming that Andrea True Connection song to themselves, the one Mark explained once to us was written by the former porn actress….

You are not alone [thanks for the earworm, Fran].

In response, I wrote:

Fran, La Cosa Clinton has no Life outside of Politics.

They are Empty Souls.

More like Dead Souls.

Fran responded:

I know, Bob, I know, and can’t for the life of me figure out what their attraction is. Power and money is a very potent, seductive and corrupting cocktail, but other than that what is their appeal? Myself, I find politics interesting, for sure, after all, it pertains to people and the machinations around the world, but I’ve got more the arts and literary leanings in my blood. It’s just a shame when people who have had their day in the spotlight, for better or for worse, just don’t savor their moment, but when it’s done, pack it up, and move on and let someone else get a chance to make a difference.

Unlike The Clinton Crime Family, Fran, you’re a conservative.  Politics does not dominate our lives.  We have more rewarding things to do.

As for The Clintons, they believed, and still believe, that they have a sufficiently-sized base out there that they can bamboozle and swindle and subdue.

And in some aspects, they are correct…

Typical Bill & Hillary supporter.

-Old and creaky Feminists and their Male Fellow Travellers like their brand of ruthless politicking. Like so many of an advanced age, they think the younger ones haven’t ‘paid their dues’.  Now, the Pelosis, Durbins, etc. have grown tired of La Cosa Clinton.  However, their solution is to commit Bill and Hillary to, figuratively, a Psych Ward, but still maintain the rest of the AARP Wing in Power and Control.  They may be in for a very rude awakening, perhaps as early as December.

-Middle aged and, mostly, barren Feminists have grown-up with Hillary as their hero, so they will stick around.  They are Pathetic to begin with and, to quote A. Solzhenitsyn in a related context: ‘have spent [their] whole lives floundering and wallowing in the stinking swamp of a society based on force and fraud’.

There is still hope in the Despicable Fool known as Chelsea Clinton.  I suspect that, once Hillaria Tiberius realizes that she is done [set a date, please], Bill and Hillary will Anoint Chelsea ‘to carry on the legacy’ — God, help us.

The Clintons are like a set of hemorrhoids that never really go away.

Face it, we’re stuck with them.

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  1. cap'n fast permalink
    13 September 2018 @ 21:59 21:59

    were the both of them in prison, they would still be annoying. what with their continual breathing and defecating.

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