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The @GOP And #NeverTrump: Into The Comforting Miasma Of Duplicity

06 September 2018 @ 14:43

Having watched the antics of Republicans since Donald Trump won The White House [I quit the the Party in May of 2016], I have come to a conclusion I want to share with you.

[It should be first noted that I was not a supporter of Trump, but I also refused to align with The Establishment in their near-Hysterical reactions to and predictions of the thought of a Trump Presidency.  If I issued a Tweet that contained the hashtag #NeverTrump, I always made sure to include a #NeverHillary as well.  I still see them both as would-be Caesars, who view The Presidency as a vehicle for exerting near-unlimited Power and Control.  If Pompey Trumpicus Magnus were elected, he certainly wouldn’t be any worse than Obama, Clinton, or either of the Bushes.

Along with a small group of people, like Jeff Goldstein, I believed [and I still believe] that the GOP betrayed conservatives again in the Nomination Process, by, first, seeking to silence us and then, when their ‘vaunted’ Pragmatism kicked-in, jumping like frightened little shits onto The Trump Bandwagon.

Speaking only for myself, I can tell you that I was fed-up with having to choose the ground-up hamburger the Republicans have been serving to we conservatives every four years for decades [except, of course, for Ronald Reagan] instead of the much more desirable Filet Mignon on offer.  I was sick and tired of being shafted again by a Party that treated me like crap and I certainly would never vote for Hillaria Tiberius Caesar.  I vowed never to vote for another non-conservative again, so I blanked my Presidential Ballot.

However, when Donald Trump did win, and knowing that he had promised to take actions that would please conservatives, I decided to praise him when he did conservative things (Ex: reduce Regulations), but just as willingly damn him when he didn’t (Ex: tariffs) — and, further, damn him, as well, when he did conservative things that violated The Constitution (Ex: impinge on State Sovereignty).

For Duty & Humanity!’

For the purposes of this blog, when I use the term #NeverTrumper, I am referring to people like Bill Kristol Rick Wilson, Jennifer Rubin, etc. — some of whom have gone as far as to suggest that ‘Real Conservatives™’ vote for the Democrats in the Mid-Term Elections.  I’m talking about those sore little sorry Spoiled Brat Losers who have put their petty grievances before all else.  I’m speaking of those short-sighted Dimwits who have been either Useful Idiots or Dupes of the Left in their efforts to stage a coup and overturn the election results of 2016.

Jeff Goldstein likes to use the term #OUTLAW to describe those of us who want our Filet Mignon.  I like it, but I also like #NeverCaesar.]

Getting back to the conclusion I have drawn about the GOP…

This theory encompasses both the #NeverTrumpers and those who jumped on board the Trump Bandwagon out of Fear and Panic.

Methinks the GOP, in general, is afraid of, specifically, The Presidency and, generally, of having majorities these days.  Afraid that they’d have to lead on issues of importance. Afraid that they’d have to ‘suffer’ consequences for their actions.  Afraid that they’d have to scale hills worth dying on.

Trumpicus Pompey Magnus has gone and upset their cocoon of Loserdom, where they only have to appear out of the Leftist-fired mist every so often, take an empty stand, and immediately retreat into the comforting miasma of Duplicity.

In other words, they’re Sorry-Ass Cowards.

That is why those within the Administration who joined the Campaign in it’s latter weeks want to soften-up Trump and, through leaks and such, want to undermine his efforts.  That is why the #NeverTrumpers join in the Demented and Deranged Choruses that seek to portray Mr. Trump as a Nazi, a Racist, a mentally-ill senior, etc.

The Establishment, in all it’s parts, fears utilizing Power.

Perhaps they Fear that they will not be able to control themselves once in positions to exert Power — who the Hell knows.

The thing is: The Left has no Fear of using Power and, let us not forget, they believe in achieving their Ends by any means necessary.



  1. 07 September 2018 @ 18:55 18:55

    I stayed with the party mostly because it’s the best way to ensure I have a voice, although I live in a state where the Media has painted the most milquetoast Republican as a Kitten Eating Reptilian, so it’s not that much of an issue.

    Stating how Mr. Trump has good things and bad is the reasonable thing to do. In fact, it’s the correct thing in a republic, to state what items you agree with and disagree with to the executive. A much forgotten item is that he occasionally states things we’ve all said for years in public (Germans need to increase defense spending!) is unheard of in a politician.

    Also, it’s damning to me how they’ll slobber all over the other party in public. They value the status of the societal in-group more than any actual meanings they have stated.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    08 September 2018 @ 20:58 20:58

    The GOP has never been a conservative party, not really. Goldwater in 64 was a failed coup attempt by conservatives and Reagan in 80 a successful one. That phase ended the moment Bush was sworn in January 20, 1993. While there were then and still are some dedicated conservatives in the party they are distinctly a minority. Most claiming to be for small government, are not.

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    09 September 2018 @ 12:16 12:16

    The problem with identifying as a conservative these days:The first problem with self-identifying as “conservative” in any way is that the label has been thoroughly corrupted. When someone like Jonah Goldberg is considered the face of conservatism, the label no longer has meaning. Goldberg started out on the far Left working for Ben Wattenberg at PBS. His “journey” to the Right got him only as far neo-conservatism, which has always been a Progressive heresy. The fact these people are allowed to call themselves conservative says conservatism is a meaningless label. theZmanThere is little left to conserve and even with a disrupter like Trump in the White House a restoration is still a very, very long shot.

  4. David R. Graham permalink
    11 September 2018 @ 21:33 21:33

    FWIW, Dan Calabrese published today an article at Canada Free Press titled *Yes, Trump is a bull in a china shop…and the china shop needs to be wrecked,* and I agree with Dan on this particular:…and-the-china-shop-needs-to-be-wrecke

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