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Redirecting Our Fields Of Fire

22 August 2018 @ 14:34

There is justifiably much Anger across America over the fact that Mollie Tibbetts was viciously Murdered and possibly Raped by an Illegal Alien [click here to see Stacy McCain’s professional reporting].

There are many, many calls for tightening-up our existing immigration laws and regulations and, if necessary, passing new laws to make it so these kind of people, in the future, have a very tough time getting into this country and, if they make it in, making it easier for Law Enforcement to summarily kick them out.

I agree [although, we do have to be careful that any new laws we pass are not done for emotional reasons — those are the kind that make Bad Law].

Much of the Fury and Exasperation we are feeling and expressing is being wasted.

Pictured: Two typical GOP leaders’s reaction to this post.

When we aim our justifiable Outrage at the Leftists, we are wasting what energy we have on people who are not open to arguments made from Right Reason, backed-up with Righteous Passion.  They are all Hopeless Causes.  The Left, in their constant Emotional Frenzy, are never going to change their closed, little minds.

We should be directing all of our anger at the Republican Party, certain conservatives, and Libertarians, which are infested with elected officials, Bureaucrats, and Businessmen.  They openly and without guilt have been lying to us for years about their commitment to securing our borders or who make no bones about their belief that Open Borders is a positive policy.

The former, especially, are vulnerable to being pressured to act properly, as they nothing but grifters, con artists.  The latter may only be able to be swayed through denying their elected officials our vote and boycotting the products of their Businessmen — many are Ideologues and, therefore, subject to the same Emotional Frenzy as the Leftists.

We only have so much energy to put to use fighting Evils like this, so we have to make sure that we are directing our Fire and Fury at worthy targets.

Sure, it feels good to attack and unmask the Leftists, but any Satisfaction we may feel as a result is a very Fleeting and ultimately Empty Gratification.

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    25 August 2018 @ 13:40 13:40

    Sure, it feels good to attack and unmask the Leftists, but any Satisfaction we may feel as a result is a very Fleeting and ultimately Empty Gratification. I don’t entirely agree. In the first place that Gratification isn’t entirely empty, it is important for morale and foot soldiers in any any war fight better the higher their morale. Furthermore while arguments with Leftists are indeed all Hopeless Causes. there are many normies who have never heard our arguments and will only hear them as we battle the left.

  2. 26 August 2018 @ 19:27 19:27

    Wait…wasn’t there a non-politician who ran in 2016 on promises to ‘build a wall’, and kick many of the illegals out?

    Did you then, and do you know, support that non-politician ?

    Asking for a friend…

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