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The Royal Catholic Church

17 August 2018 @ 11:14

In light of the recent report issued by a Pennsylvania Grand Jury on the massive abuse of children by priests and the extensive efforts to cover it all up, Kimberley Ross poses a question that I’m sure many are asking:

Perhaps the following explanation will help:

The Roman Catholic Church is a Medieval Monarchy. The Pope is the King and the Cardinals and Bishops are like The Witan under Alfred The Great, which was made up of the Nobles of Wessex & Mercia [Cardinals = ealdormen, Bishops = thegns].

In non-doctrinal matters, the Pope is not an absolute monarch. His ‘Witan’ can exert pressure on him and can act on their own in certain matters [hence, the labeling of the Cardinals ‘The Princes Of The Church’].

Like all such political organizations, The RCC’s members, especially those of a Bureaucratic turn of mind, are out to protect themselves and the institution that keeps them in Power.

Similar scandals have happened in nearly every monarchical system, even those where the RCC or Protestants have been in positions of Power advising the monarch, so being directly tied to a religion does not seem to effect such behavior.

We have come to expect more out the RCC since it lost it’s political power and supposedly become a more Spiritual institution, but it has never broken free from it’s old way of governing itself.  It remains Medieval in it’s structure.

The purpose of this explanation is not to excuse The Roman Catholic Church in any way [I, in fact, believe it has been taken over by Evil Men], but to explain why it’s actions often don’t make sense to we who live in the 21st Century.

Not being an Absolute Monarchy has benefited The Church in numerous ways.  If a country wishes to have a Monarch, I would certainly recommend it adopt either this type or the Constitutional version found in Britain, as both provide Stability and, unlike the Absolute version, have a check or checks on Monarchical Tyranny.

As a result I’m not sure abolishing this form of government for the RCC would help.  It’s dreadful Bureaucracy would still survive and the Corruptions would find a way to continue their Heinous Business.

No, the only way for The Church to truly straighten itself out and get back to it’s Mission is for a Massive Purge of the Leftists who inhabit every nook and cranny of it’s organization [we could start, perhaps, with the forced Abdication of the current Pope, who is a Jesuit Marxist].

The Left’s Long March Through Our Institutions didn’t spare The Roman Catholic Church.  In fact, because of the Failures of it’s Princes and Monarchs, starting some sixty-plus years ago, it found the RCC a very fertile field to promenade and goose-step through.

Where are you Saint Michael The Archangel — we need you now.

SIDENOTE: Friend In The Ether, Servative remarks:

This seems to be a case of absolute power corrupting absolutely, because … I have no other explanation for such … behavior.

This is just the way some governments operate.

In the centuries before Middle Class Values came to dominate the World, such behaviors [both the horribly disgusting acts and the subsequent cover-ups] happened frequently.  They still do, as we’ve seen in this case and in others.

Human Nature will not change [despite the often Murderous efforts of the Leftists].  The key is to put in place effective Checks against the Corrupt and, through maintaining personal, individual Virtue, vigorously enforce Proper Behavior in those who would dare think themselves worthy of running our governing and commercial institutions.

  1. 20 August 2018 @ 20:11 20:11

    Just spitballing here, but could that be reason #96 why Martin Luther left the Catholic faith and started Protestantism?

  2. Anonymous permalink
    22 November 2018 @ 20:02 20:02

    I might point out that there is no “Roman” Catholic Church but the Catholic Church, period. The use of the word “Roman” was popularized by the Protestants in England who used it as a from of attack against the Papacy. So if you wish to continue using anti-Catholic jargon do feel free, just as I will feel free to never visit your site again and recommend others not fond of anti-Catholic bigotry to also not..

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