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The Disservice Committed By The @FreeBeacon

30 October 2017 @ 14:50

I agree with Mark Levin and others that the revelation that the Free Beacon were the Republicans who initially hired Fusion GPS was timed to muddy the waters of the revelations of the DNC and Hillaria Campaign’s involvements in creation and funding of the Steele Dossier.

On the one hand, The Washington Free Beacon people were smart enough to leak the news to a ‘friendly’ — ie: Byron York — before it broke in a Leftist publication.

Who Am I?

However, The Free Beacon people did a damn awful disservice to our cause in this matter by not revealing their involvement right at the beginning of all of this micheghas.  Because of their foolish secrecy,  the Left has spent every hour since Friday Evening [when Mr. York broke the story] trying to sell one of two Big Lies:

  1. that, in fact, it was The Right that put the whole Steele Dossier creation process in motion [believing, quite rightly, that many voters will not probe deeper into the matter and will, therefore, come to believe this outright Lie]; and
  2. that, sure, The Beacon didn’t initiate or pay for the Steele Dossier, but there is a moral equivalence between what the Democrats did [pay for it and see it distributed, even though it was a binder of lies] and what The WFB did; both groups were just engaging in that ‘time-honored tradition’ of Opposition Research (Praise Be It’s Name) [a good number of the more ‘sophisticated’ voters will come to believe this BS because they have a very, shall we say, porous Morality].

As you can see, the Leftists are placing two bets and I think they’ll win both, because of the debasing and desiccation of standards in American Society.

Momentum seemed to be finally going the way of Truth and Justice in this matter, but The Washington Free Beacon has seen to it that we have suffered a major setback.  Whether it is a Fatal One, time will tell, but, considering the times in which we live, I am not at all hopeful.


  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    31 October 2017 @ 18:56 18:56

    Not a big fan of the Beacon in the first place. The claim that the Steele Dossier was initiated by a Republican, while technically correct I suppose, created a totally false narrative which in turn lent legitimacy to all the claims. The facts that it wasn’t a candidate or someone assocciated with one of the campaigns and that whatever info gotten from Fusion GPS by them didn’t include anything from Steele should have been out there months ago.


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