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The Art Of The Reveal: Trump And Obamacare Subsidies

18 October 2017 @ 08:56

Many conservatives are, once again, wondering just why President Trump has seemingly reversed himself on another position/act he has taken.

This time the flummox in their stomachs is being caused by his actions yesterday on Obamacare Subsidies that contradict his actions from just last week.

Mark Levin is one of the leaders of the discombobulated denizens of The Right, who are frustrated by the acceptance by Trumpus Pompey Magnus of the deal worked-out between Senators Patty ‘Pinko’ Murray and Lamar! ‘The Flavorless!’ Alexander!.  As Mr. Levin puts it:

…I’m getting whiplash.  The President did one thing Thursday and now today he’s prepared to do quite a different thing.  Very, very troubling to me….

He and many others wonder why Trump does this flip-flopping over and over again, why the President betrays his conservative positions.

First of all: it cannot, it seems, be stated enough that Donald J. Trump is not a conservative; he never has been one and, at his late age, probably never will be one.

At best, he is a New York Republican, a descendant of Thomas Dewey, who was a ‘Moderate Republican’ [aka: a Liberal or Rockefeller Republican] — someone who believes the GOP should manage Big Government and not ‘waste time’ fighting for a Restoration of smaller government, such as The Founders gifted us.  Such people believe (1) that they are Pragmatists and (2) that being New Yorkers has made them more ‘clear-sighted’ than others, more realistic about the way the World works.  In their minds, Big Government is what The People want, but they want it well-managed.

But, Trump Magnus is really, in fact, not even a brash version of Tom Dewey or Richard Nixon.  He is, in his mind, The Deal Maker Supreme™.  As I wrote recently:

A dull and dreary Pragmatism permeates his Being. ‘Making the deal’ is all. Playing ‘The Game’ is the biggest joy in such a person’s life; racking-up the highest Score — no matter the content of the points won — is the be-all and end-all of Life. Such people are not much different from Degenerate Gamblers, except they tend to play with other people’s [like investors and taxpayers] monies.

Trumpus Pompey Magnus will team-up with anyone who can, he feels, enable him to ‘score’ more ‘points’ — be they Social or Political or Financial or…whatever.  There is not an atom of Right Reason that you will find in his Soul [though, to be fair, Trump, unlike Misfit-Malcontent Ideologues such as Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, et. al., has shreds of Decency].

Victory is the most important goal, not the substance of it, not whether said victory is a good thing for America.  The act of Winning is the end sought, just like in sex without Love one’s orgasm is the only goal.  This form of Desire is the height of Unvirtuous Selfishness.  And the victories it produces are, ultimately, empty, devoid of any meaning or Moral Satisfaction.

Further, our beloved Caesar is suffering from a major Delusion: he thinks a fellow New Yorker such as Chuck Schumer is cut from the same cloth as he is.  While, on the surface, it appears the Senate Minority Leader is a street-wise brawler like Trump, underneath Schumer’s slimy, scaly skin lurks a Committed Revolutionary, a Leftist Ideologue who seeks to destroy everything America stands for.

So, Trumpus Pompey Magnus will get his Empty Victories and he will claim that we are enjoying ‘so much winning’, but, in the end he will figuratively end-up like Julius Caesar: lying a pool of his own political blood, dead from many many stab wounds.  And like the Roman Citizens of Caesar’s time, we will suffer.

In the end, Donald, it will have all been for Nothing.

  1. jumpstart11 permalink
    18 October 2017 @ 09:24 09:24

    Americans missed the last exit off this freeway some time ago. No real options left via the ballot. The court appointments may be the only silver lining.

    • 19 October 2017 @ 07:41 07:41

      Refugium inveniemus in provinciis!
      [Find refuge in the Several States!]

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