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One More Time: Fascism Is Left Wing

17 October 2017 @ 14:20

Over at Steyn Online, Mark Steyn Club Member PK33 left the following remarks in the Comment Section of the post “The Weinstein Company is Dead”(1):

I do have a question though, maybe for Mark’s Mailbox or another time. Why is the Left recently claiming that Fascist parties from history and Fascism in general are Right-wing?

From this article in Canada’s National Post newspaper, the author states that, “Still, this means that Austrians have elected their most Right-wing government since Hitler’s Anschluss in 1938.”

Austria is poised to elect a far-right coalition. The decision shows how Europe is gripped by border anxiety

Hitler was not Right-wing as Jonah Goldberg exhaustively demonstrated in Liberal Fascism. How has the Left come to dominate the narrative that the Right is Fascist?

I recently re-watched your SteynPost ,”The Seduction of Violence” and you made clear that the Left’s ANTIFA and others are the real Fascists, no question about that, so how come many on the Left still believe that the Right is Fascist and that the Nazi’s were Right-wing? Why can’t the right own the correct narrative?

I responded…

-PK33 asked: …so how come many on the Left still believe that the Right is Fascist and that the Nazi’s were Right-wing?

This is what they have been taught since elementary school. Couple that teaching with the fact that they have been ‘carefully taught’ to not question The Party Line, as it were, and what you get is unquestioning acceptance of a False and Calumnious Narrative that consumes Souls like a Malignant Parasite.

-PK33 then asked: Why can’t the right own the correct narrative?

Because the vast majority of those on the Right who get airtime and space are either Pragmatists, who think bringing out such Truths is ‘distracting’ or Useful Idiot Quislings who have bought-into the Leftist Narrative, who have absorbed Leftist Thinking utterly.

-As to why the Left In America wants to keep associating Fascism with the Right, let me quote from my book [On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America]:

Up until the very moment when Nazi Germany attacked The Soviet Union in the Spring of 1941, the Left In America was very favorably disposed to the Nazi Regime, especially after the two Totalitarian nations concluded the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact Of Non-Aggression in 1939.

This all changed on June 22nd, 1941 with the Nazi surprise attack on The Soviet Union. Now the Left had to scramble to denounce the Nazis and begin to rewrite History so that their praising of the National Socialists never existed. They felt they had to do this to hide the stain of their previous enthusiastic support for Hitler and his Regime.

They achieved this fairly easily — the Left took control of The Narrative. Of course, having the powerful President Of The United States on your side helped them greatly in perpetrating this blatant fraud. And, over the ensuing decades, the Left relentlessly — in books, in movies, in the media, and in textbooks — pounded home this Big Lie, to the point where it became Instinctual for the vast majority of Americans to see Nazis as Right Wingers.

The biggest motivation for the continuation of the spreading of this Big Lie: the Leftists want us to forget their gushing, at times like giddy schoolgirls, over Hitler and Mussolini. [Most especially they want us to forget their support for Eugenics, the purifying of race pool, and other Perverse ideas, trumpeted by the Nazis in Germany and the Progressive Movement in America].

It was and has always been Leftists who have supported such Evil ideas and the hideous schemes that have arisen out of them.

For much too long, we have allowed the Left to perpetuate the Big ‘Fascism-is-Right-Wing’ Lie in service of their Big Denial.

They have controlled the Narrative, in this case, rather brilliantly, and their success has allowed them to associate those on the Right with one of the most blatantly Horrific regimes to ever have existed on Earth.


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    Mark me [heh]: you won’t be disappointed.

  1. TimH permalink
    17 October 2017 @ 16:11 16:11

    The true political scale has ALL Tyranny on one side (that would be the Left) and total Anarchy on the Right. The false scale, used by the Progs is what we are taught in school: Left=Communism, Right=Fascism, with “Democracy!” perched precariously in the Middle. This would be no different than your Science teacher showing you a thermometer that has Hot at both ends, and “Warm” in the center,
    and no place for the LACK of heat (which is Cold). Just as Progs have no place for the lack of State….

  2. MaddMedic permalink
    18 October 2017 @ 08:20 08:20

    Reblogged this on Freedom Is Just Another Word….


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