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On Artists And Their Handlers

12 October 2017 @ 22:55

There was a time when such people as Actors and Actresses and their Handlers were only permitted to enter a house by the Servant’s Entrance. There was a good reason for this.

There was a time when Artists and their Handlers were considered one of the worst — perhaps the worst — type of person to marry the child of a Middle Class couple. There was a good reason for this.

The mainstreaming of Artists of all types and kinds has not benefited Western Civilization. They are not Normal.  They and their Handlers [really: Enablers these daze] believe they offer so much Good to the World that, in exchange, they are free from the same rules and standards that apply to ordinary [read: ‘lesser’] people.

Artists & Their Enablers

Because they are used to thinking outside of the boundaries, as it were, Artists and their Handlers tend to apply the same kind of Logic they use to reach artistic ‘heights’ to their personal lives [not all, mind you, but most] — hence, for instance, the fact that the term ‘Bohemian’ as a descriptor was a negative one and rightly considered an insult by the Middle Class.

The Modern Artists and their Handlers seem to suffer from a form of Nihilism, whereby, instead of understanding that they are living, as Mark Steyn writes, ‘within a broader moral order’, they want to bring all of us down into their pit of torrid and torpid Depravity.  Further, as Mark goes on to state:

…we are told that a man such as [Roman] Polanski cannot be subject to anything so footling as morality: He cannot “transgress” it because, by definition, he transcends it. Yet all truly great art is made in the tension between freedom and constraint. In demanding that an artist be placed above the laws of man, Harvey Weinstein & Co. are also putting him beyond the possibility of art. Which may explain the present state of the movie industry.

Quite.  And the Handlers, at the same time, as a side benefit, are putting themselves beyond the possibility of being Productive.

While their Art may inspire the Better Angels Of Our Natures, the personal lives of Artists and their Handlers should be — must be, as they once were — used as examples of what not to aspire to.  For it is Middle Class Values that preserve Freedom and Ordered Liberty and most certainly not the ‘values’ of those who tend to live to transgress.

[NOTE: I say all of this as a Composer and Musician.]

  1. jumpstart11 permalink
    13 October 2017 @ 10:48 10:48

    To qoute Tom Stoppard, “We’re actors- we’re the opposite of people!”

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    13 October 2017 @ 18:18 18:18

    How often in the older movies does one hear the line ”but she ran off with a drummer or some such.

    • 13 October 2017 @ 22:17 22:17

      Exactly. Going back further, Anthony Trollope dealt with such situations.


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