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#BothSidesNow – Two Branches Of The Fukarwe Tribe

17 August 2017 @ 11:34

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

—John Adams at The Boston Massacre Trial

The various cells of the Left — be they the masked misfits of AntiFa or the clown-faced dingbats on CNN and MSNBC — have all been having a jolly angry old time ridiculing Donald Trump for denouncing both of the groups who clashed at Charlottsville.  You can see the froth forming around their mouths, the drool spilling from their lips, and on their crotches the outward stains of ejaculate that shows this is the kind of thing they pathetically live for.

But Truth is an unforgiving mistress and she will not be silenced forever.

Eventually, the Truth that the members of both sides are really on the same side: the Left.

In Saturday’s riot, you had the Fascist White Nationalists and Nazi Fellators squaring off against the Communist Fellators, the Anarchist Posers, and the Socialist Social Justice One-Worlders.  And as I’ve written many times [with slight variations]:

Fascism is merely a slightly less oppressive system than Socialism, which is very slightly less oppressive than Communism, which is a brother to Anarchism.

Over on his Facebook page, Jeff Goldstein is dead solid perfect in his analysis:

I told you all before and I’ll repeat it now: the alt right is not conservative, and it is every bit as driven by identity politics and blood essentialism as the prog left.

Antifa, BLM, CAIR, the New Black Panthers, La Raza, the Pussy Hatters, the KKK — these are all identity movements and all formed and animated by the kind of identity politics championed by the left….

Don’t listen to labels; follow the assumptions made by each movement — the alt right, the prog left — and you’ll soon recognize that they are the same. This is tribalism, no more and no less. And when tribes are at odds, they clash over territory — be it physical territory or political power. What we are witnessing is an attempt to corrupt the ideals of a propositional nation based on individualism and individual universal rights (and that’s how our Constitutional republic is designed to operate) — a lesson Google’s pillorying of a software engineer as “anti-diversity” should have made clear. Intolerance is a hallmark of every authoritarian movement. Simply pretending some intolerance is more noble, which is affected by self-servingly dismissing dissenters as purveyors of “hate,” is a ham-fisted surrender to anti-intellectual sophistry.

You should reject this archaic collectivism from whatever group espouses it, because in the end it is simply anti-individualism dressed in mob attire to bolster cowardice and bigotry in numbers.


What we are witnessing is the dominant force in American Society — Leftist Thinking — desperately trying to convince us that groups like AntiFa and Fellow Travellers, Apparatchiks, and Dupes of the group like themselves are not perfect, but really, really noble and as honest as the day is long.  What we are simply witnessing is another instance of the mechanism of The Big Lie being applied.

Sadly, but per usual, some people on the Right are letting the rancid muck of this Big Lie wash-over and saturate them [this habit I look at at length in my book, The Present Crisis].  They are nothing but Useful Idiots of the Left.

Don’t be fooled.  The future survival of Freedom and Ordered Liberty depends on as many of us as possible be aware of The Truth.

For more Jeff Goldstein on this subject, please read the article he published in The Federalist last September, The Alt-Right Is The Mirror Image Of The New Left — I highly, highly recommend it.

  1. 17 August 2017 @ 21:40 21:40

    First, didn’t see this until today, but welcome back.

    Second, my analogy on what happened. Two sub-critical fissionable masses in close proximity, and there’s nothing to moderate it. What do you get-an explosion.

    A blind man could have foreseen the conflict, but a member of the local political class didn’t want to actually stop a problem, so we got a riot. Only a small one, but at this point, the network of little platoons of society has been degraded enough small problems now lead to much worse in the future.

  2. 17 August 2017 @ 22:15 22:15

    -Thank you.

    -RE: Your comments–> Dead solid perfect.

  3. Adobe_Walls permalink
    18 August 2017 @ 19:38 19:38

    This whole kerfuffle was engineered by state and local government.

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