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On #Charlottesville And The Temper Of America

13 August 2017 @ 22:23

Robert Tracinski has published a rather interesting analysis of, specifically, the Charlottesville situation and, generally, the volatile temper in America at this moment in time.

Regarding the participants in the rioting, he writes:

If [Richard] Spencer’s march was deliberately designed to provoke a riot, the “antifa” college kids gave him what he wanted. So far, I’ve seen this downplayed in press coverage, but antifa came ready for fighting, too. Check out the photos here. Both sides came with their helmets and their goofy homemade shields, as if this is some kind of lame, hellish parody of a Renaissance Faire. [BOB: One things thing missing from those photos he links to at BuzzFeed is the plethora of hammer and sickle flags the AntiFa rioters were carrying.]

Both sides were, indeed, rather lame looking. —But so were the Communists and Nazis in early- to mid-1920’s Germany.  Luckily for us, America has not progressed to a stage that rhymes with late-1920’s Germany…yet.  But Mr. Tracinski is correct in stressing the feeble and utterly pathetic nature of both Spencer’s Group and the AntiFa’s Cell.

He continues:

The two sides are mirror images of each other, and both have an interest in making our politics devolve into street fighting. Both sides have also been priming their people to be ready to kill for the cause, and it appears that Spencer’s gang got there first, with one of his followers ramming his car into a crowd and killing a young woman.

The ominous implication of this weekend’s riots is that we are letting our politics descend into a brutal, unprincipled, physical brawl between two illiberal caricatures—which drowns out real debates over opposing ideas and marginalizes any unifying principles that we might draw on as reasons not to just kill each other.

What are the ‘two illiberal caricatures’ he sees?

The first:

The Left has been doing this by styling themselves as revolutionaries and “the Resistance,” and by indulging its young “antifa” anarchists—Communist “anti-fascists” who behave a lot like fascists, employing rioting and street battles as their main form of political activism….

Actually, they’re behaving a lot like plain and simple, run-of-the-mill Communists [there are numerous examples of this throughout the last three centuries, but Russia in 1917-1918 is a damn fine example].  Don’t get me wrong: they are behaving like Fascists as well, but, then again, Fascism is merely a slightly less oppressive system than Socialism, which is very slightly less oppressive than Communism — they all are, in other words, brothers on the Left.

It also must be stated — perhaps shouted frequently — that: Those activist groups that seek to ‘be ready to kill for the cause’ are by their Nature, Leftist, in that it is only Leftists who promote preemptive violence against their opponents [be they on the Right or those they consider possessors of False Consciousness on the Left].  Whereas those truly on the Right, believe Violence is only justified in Self-Defense.

It should also be pointed out that ‘brutal, unprincipled, physical brawl[s]’ are not new in America.  The late 19th Century and early 20th Century saw Anarchists, Communists, and Socialists rioting in the streets of this country [often in support of Unionization] and these groups also engaged in bombings, assassinations, and other acts of Terrorism [for examples, see: Sacco, Vanzetti, and their associates; also, see: the 16 September 1920 bombing of Wall Street].  Further, for a very early set of examples, see The War For Independence and the actions of Loyalists versus Patriots [see: Holger Hoock’s book, Scars Of Independence: America’s Violent Birth].  We have descended to this state before — it occurs in Free Societies because of their very Nature.  The key is to prevent America from moving to the step from which the only options for a Restoration of Freedom and Ordered Liberty are ugly, as the situations did so progress [pun intended] in late-1920’s Germany and throughout most of Europe and Asia did after World War I.

The second of the ‘illiberal caricatures’:

…On the Right, the problems are summed up in President Trump’s lame statement on Charlottesville. Claims that Trump was somehow excusing white nationalism are overblown, given that he also condemned “bigotry.” But his only answer was a series of vague bromides about national unity and loving each other—a solution he has never managed to practice and for which he cannot be a credible advocate.

More on the ‘vague bromides’ later; let us deal with Mr. Trump now…

Mr. Tracinski explains:

Trump was elected precisely because he does not have any of the governing virtues of normal politicians, such as the ability to be gracious and inclusive to the opposition, to understand and defuse the objections of political opponents, and to make unifying gestures that unite Americans around shared values and ideas. His supporters argued that he could accomplish more by dispensing with this kind of prissy concern for civility….

Quite true…and this is one of the reasons I labeled him a ‘would-be Caesar’ last year and, since Hillary was one too, I refused to vote for either one.  Trump won, which was definitely the lesser-of-evils outcome, because it was clear that he would certainly be more a Julius than a Tiberius.

Trump united perhaps half the county [perhaps] around their shared values, which had been under relentless assault from the Left for well-over a century, but most brazenly in the last decade.  He tapped into a mounting, underlying Rage that had built-up in the breasts of many Decent Americans after eight years of the wild and arrogant Despotism of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions.  And as Trump did so, one was reminded [in rhyming verse] of Julius Caesar’s campaign to save his skin and achieve Power And Control in the last days of The Roman Republic.

Julius Caesar restored Order and a sense of Pride to Rome, but, because he did so using deeply felt emotions, he only increased the tempers of all of the Roman People.  What this resulted in was assassination and civil war.  What that resulted in was the fall of the already deathly-ill Roman Republic and the rise of a Despotic, Tyrannical Empire.

This is not to say that Donald Trump should have been ‘gracious and inclusive to the opposition’ because his opposition was, primarily, The Left, who have no idea what ‘gracious and inclusive’ mean, because they have rejected Morality.  Trump rode to The Presidency on Anger rather than, like Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, appealing to ‘the better angels of our nature’.  His position rests on a negative foundation and, like Julius Caesar, he is helping the forces of Tyranny [in this case, The Left In America] sow Chaos in our Society.

The blame for the violence and death in Charlottesville rests clearly with the Richard Spencer types, the AntiFa types, and, yes, as we’ve seen often enough these past few years, with the Morally Corrupt governments directly involved.

There is plenty of blame to go around here for the generally bad situation in America that we, those who believe in the Restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties, must confront and overcome.

As for the President’s supposed ‘vague bromides’, I thought he was right to condemn both sides of rioters.  Both the White Supremacists and the AntiFa’ers came, as we’ve seen, to the confrontation hoping that blood and violence would be spilled on the soil of Charlottesville.  As for the part of his statement where the President praised what he has done for the nation: well, Caesar will be Caesar — such men always return to the praising of themselves and how gosh-darn wonderful they are.  Pompey Magnus is in Da [White] House.

Mr. Tracinski ends his piece with the following:

I wrote recently about the steps required to condition people to accept totalitarianism. One of those steps—one of the last ones—is that we get used to political differences being settled by a contest of force in the streets. We’ve been closer to that point before, during the 1960s, when the violent protests and race riots were far bigger. But that was the brink of a very deep precipice, and we should be doing everything we can, on both sides of the political debate, to pull back from it.

Now who’s bromiding here, Mr. Tracinski?

There’s one side of the ‘both sides of the political debate’, the Left, who will never in Good Faith join in such an effort.  Have you not studied the History of Leftism since The French Revolution? —or, at the very least, the History of the Left In America over the last century?  They want us to jump into the depths of that precipice, so that the destruction of everything we hold dear can come about and they can then go about building their Heaven On Earth, their Evil, over the rubble of all that is Good.

We, the lovers of Freedom and Ordered Liberty, are on our own.  It is our decision whether America will Live Free or Die.



  1. jumpstart11 permalink
    14 August 2017 @ 12:46 12:46

    Seems we run amuck/amok so frequently that everyone is becoming desensitized. Amazing how even this has become about Trump. Glad you are back.

    • 14 August 2017 @ 14:11 14:11

      Thank you.

      It’s so damn easy to get caught-up enjoying the show that one forgets this is serious business. I find the guy amusing, but, even more so, watching his opponents heads exploding again and again. But, damn, this is not ultimately funny.

      • 14 August 2017 @ 15:48 15:48

        In a statement today, Trump came out and specifically mentioned the white supremacists, Neonazis and the KKK, as well as “other” hate groups as being unAmerican and not who we are as a nation.

        I would assume his inner circle told him not to mention those other groups by name, but we know who they are.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    14 August 2017 @ 19:23 19:23

    First, at the risk of being captain obvious, if Tracinski really believes we were closer to civil war during the sixties than we are now he’s a farking idiot. While the protests over the war and the recreational mayhem in the inner cities was more spectacular, it meant much less in terms of movements. There were simply far fewer people dissatisfied enough with the status quo to overturn it.

    Second, lost in all this brouhaha over last weekends events is the reason for the protest. Stopping the removal of monuments to civil war heroes particularly in the south is a worthwhile endeavor even for those who think those men were, among the many other things they were, racists. Have we learned nothing from the lefts long march through the institutions? This is only the beginning. After all the confederate generals are gone it’ll be the founders who owned slaves (this has already started). Next will be the founders who signed the BoR and Constitution, documents that allowed slavery. After that it’ll be those who didn’t abolish after. This effort is the islamic style erasure of history and it won’t stop until only MLK, Tubman, Oprah and Gloria Steinem are suitable for remembrance.

    Third, the Unite the Right folks have rights and in this instance had a permit, the antis did not and came to stop them just as they have for so many other more savory ralliers and speakers. No matter the characteristics of some of the groups involved and what one thinks of white supremacists, make no mistake the left see’s no distinction between them and conservatives. They believe they have the right, indeed the duty to suppress all views and speech to the right of Pol Pot.

    Exit question, are we still in the midst of a cold civil war or has the war of liberal aggression started?

  3. jumpstart11 permalink
    18 August 2017 @ 17:05 17:05

    ALL real Antifa and alt left will turn over any government bills, script and or currancy depicting slave holders and oppressors portraits as equivocation prima facie to the other symbols and statues. My friend Sal is constructing a site and P O Box towards that end. Will forward to DNC, CNN and MSNBC.

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