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From Stealth Coup To Overt, Brazen Coup

08 August 2017 @ 21:03

During decades leading up to the current Administration, the Left In America conducted a stealth coup against The Constitution.  They undermined all of our governmental institutions and successfully unleashed their destructive thinking into our Culture.

Up until the coming of The Obama Regime, the Left proceeded fairly quietly with their dastardly plans to fundamentally transform America into a Socialist Paradise.  For the eight years that The Jarrett Junto ruled the Executive Branch, pretty much all of the factions of the Left in Washington became less covert and more overt in their actions.  I labeled them ‘brazen’ many a time on this site.  However, since Donald J. Trump won the Presidential Election, the Leftists have shifted into overdrive and outdone themselves in their impudence and shamelessness.  There’s hardly any stealth element remaining to their efforts to overthrow everything America stands for.

As Mark Steyn points out, one of the Left’s chief weapons is the leak.

The volume of leaks has caused a major amount of Chaos to descend on the Trump Administration.(1)  Time that should be spent working on reducing the myriad of serious foreign threats facing us is being spent dealing with the fallout from said leaks.  The current World — most especially because of Barack Hussein Obama and his minions — is a very dangerous place and the preservation of our safety requires our Commander-In-Chief to devote much of his time to handling said threats.  None of the other issues before him ultimately matter if America is subjected to a deadly and devastating attack.

Instead, and a lesser part of this is Trump’s fault, the Administration is being crippled by these leaks.

As Mark states, there are three kinds of leaks in play here:

The first is the palace-intrigue stuff: Spicer loathes Scaramucci, Scaramucci hates Priebus, Priebus despises Bannon, etc.

The second is the drip-drip-drip of the “Russia investigation”: Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury, he’s looking into eight-year-old Trump property deals, he’s going to flip Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort…

The third is the full transcripts in American newspapers of Trump’s conversations with the Mexican president and the Australian prime minister.

As he points out, the first kind, palace intrigue, is ‘irritating and undisciplined, but not particularly important’.  This kind of stuff goes on all the time, especially when one’s administration is full of self-important blowhards, egotists, and virulently selfish people.(2)

It is the second and third types of leaks that are the ones that are most destructive — destructive to the Trump Administration’s efforts to reach it’s sought-after goals and destructive to our National Security [I really don’t care about the former so much].

Mark Steyn on the second type of leak:

The Mueller leaks belong to one of the most repulsive of American prosecutorial traditions, especially at the federal level, where the prosecution enjoys such a stacked deck that, as my old boss Conrad Black is wont to point out, the feds win 99.5 per cent of cases (97 per cent without a trial) – a scorecard that would impress Saddam Hussein or Kim Jong-Un. …all the most malodorous aspects of this system – from prosecutorial leaks to the inevitable plea bargains – are intensified in the hands of a “special counsel”, and nuclearized when the special counsel is not just some dogged no-name lawyer but, as in this case, an A-list celebrity Beltway lifer like Bob Mueller – who is way too special to be a special counsel. [BOB: Perhaps Comrade Mueller needs a ‘special bus’ — you know: one of those short ones?]

He goes on to describe the Unethical [and, perhaps, Immoral] actions Mueller has taken, including abuse of the Grand Jury System [which, unlike Mark, I believe is a necessary and Good system].

It seems to me, if I recall correctly [and I do] that we got rid of the Independent Counsel Law because it was believed too many of IC’s had Usurped the powers of the Executive Branch [they had].

Mark then goes on to brilliantly tackle the problem of the Unmasking of American Citizens.  As he concludes:

…The scandal here is the ruling party’s use of the intelligence agencies to get the goods on its domestic political opponents. As some of us pointed out during the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, the merger of the party and the state is not a feature of free societies.

Indeed.  The gross and flagrant and repugnant misuse of Power by The Jarrett Junto proves once and for all that what many of us have claimed for nearly a decade is true: the Leftists, when in positions of Power And Control, act like classic Totalitarians.

Mark then deals with the third kind of leak, the one that is, perhaps, the most damaging to American interests: the illegal release of transcripts of the President’s conversations with foreign leaders…

…there’s no point in heads of government phoning each other unless they can talk candidly. Otherwise, they might just as well hitch a ride with the Queen in the Imperial State Coach and wave gloved hands to the crowd. In fact, I can’t see why my old chum Julie Bishop, the Oz Foreign Minister, should take a call from Rex Tillerson in the present conditions. Or my old boss Boris Johnson or anybody else, all the way down to the Deputy Tourism Minister of the South Sandwich Islands. These leaks make state-to-state relations impossible – which is the point: There’s nothing in the content to warrant “whistleblowing”; the purpose of the leaks is to cripple the business of the government, and thus neuter Trump’s presidency.

…We’re told that the President isn’t behaving presidentially. But it’s actually more disturbing and subversive that the civil service isn’t behaving civilly, or serving.

No, it’s trying to, not simply neuter this President, but undermine all of America’s foreign relations at a time when we are the only power capable of striking fear into the hearts of the Despots of the World.  These leakers are, in essence, holding knives to the jugular of The Free World.  They make Benedict Arnold look like a piker.

Mark again:

…The Deep State isn’t just deep, it’s broad and bloated – and it decided last November that it would not accept the result of a perfectly lawful and proper election. So it doesn’t care about putting the Turnbull transcript all over the press, because, while the Australian Prime Minister may recognize Donald Trump as the President of the United States, the Deep State does not. So anything goes.

From November to January we had three months of blather about the “peaceful transfer of power”, but that is in fact precisely what the losers have denied the winners: Instead, they weaponized the transfer. …What we are witnessing is a slow-motion coup against a duly elected government by people determined to use whatever they have to hand – national-security leaks by the permanent bureaucracy, money-no-object fishing expeditions by hopelessly conflicted prosecutors, domestic surveillance of political opponents by Obama officials, and indifference to most of the preceding by a GOP congressional leadership that has no interest in seeing Trumpism succeed.

If they prevail, they will be teaching the electorate a very dangerous lesson: you can vote for change all you want, but you ain’t gonna get any. And that leads nowhere good.

Some of us already know this [see: electing GOP majorities in the House and Senate; also see: the Administrative State unfettered].

Those who are actively working to undermine us are Traitors and they must be stopped before many of us die.

  1. Fomenting Chaos is one of the Revolutionary Goals of the Left, as it creates a situation where people tired of living with it look to those who promise to restore Order — and the Left is very good at portraying itself as the savior knight in shining armor.
  2. In this case also, ‘palace’ seems rather appropriate, given Mr. Trump’s love of building and living in very gaudy ones and the fact that he governs like a Mild Caesar.
  1. 11 August 2017 @ 17:37 17:37

    It’s good to have you back in the blogosphere. You were missed.

    Re: Civil service. Another bad idea from progressives. Go back to the old “to the victor goes the spoils” system. Permanent civil servants are…..privileged and begin to feel that they owe no loyalty to the temporary occupant of the White House or his policies.

    • 11 August 2017 @ 21:23 21:23

      Indeed. Once the left took over the beauracacy , it became a ” who you know” to get a civil service job. And with the public sector unions, controlled by the left, it is almost impossible to fire anyone for incompetence and tough even to fire the ones who’s malfeasance and corruption give government service a bad name.

    • 13 August 2017 @ 22:47 22:47

      Thank you and I missed you all.

      On the other matter: Civil Service Delenda Est

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    13 August 2017 @ 09:55 09:55

    I have written here and elsewhere many times that it is the illegitimate Fourth Branch of government that rules us. The Deep State is just the covert action arm of that branch. We’ve always known that the Fourth Branch is infested with leftists but the revelation of the Deep State further explains why no progress is ever made rolling back back the left agenda under Republican presidents. Not that they actually tried very hard and I’d argue that both Bush s were allied with the Deep State. I doubt that President Trump will turn out to be the ”President Ruthless Hardass” I’ve written about but is probably the closest we could have gotten in this current system.

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