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It’s Been A Long Time Since I Rock And Rolled

07 August 2017 @ 21:12

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled
It’s been a long time since I did the stroll
Ooh, let me get it back, let me get it back
Let me get it back, baby, where I come from….

Fourteen months is a long time, but I’m back, it seems.

My disappearing act started in May/June of 2016 right after Ted Cruz lost the Republican Nomination to Donald Trump.  I was fed-up at that point — fed-up with the weaselly backstabbing of the Establishment GOP, fed-up with mealy-mouthed bromides of the Establishment Conservatives, and, most of all, fed-up with those of my fellow countrymen who had made Hillaria Tiberius and Pompey Magnus Trumpicus the only viable choices for the Presidency [two would-be Caesars, one mild in effect, the other dangerous as all Hell].

After nearly eight years of living under the utterly lawless regime of Barack Hussein Obama and his Jarrett Junto, I was burnt-out…so I faded away.

I committed the Sin of letting Despair overtake me in the War to Restore our Freedoms and Liberties.

What made this retreat from The Public Square easier was that I had a place to go to that allowed me to  keep somewhat in The Arena: I had a book to finish.

Since 2006, I have been contemplating writing a book containing my analysis of what factors have brought us to the current situation where The Constitution for all intents and purposes is dead, where The United States should rightfully be called The United State, where the chains of Enslavement are being tightened around our necks.  In other words: a book On The Causes And Effects Of The Present Crisis In America.  Though my conception of what the book would be has changed over the past decade, the main theme — that The Leftist Way Of Thinking has infected all of our Souls to varying extents and that this is THE cause of The Present Crisis — has not.

During the Spring and Summer of 2015, I began writing the book. A couple of drafts were completed by the Fall of that year.  And I chose to put it aside for a while to do further research.  That ‘a while’ turned into many months because of family issues and because I let a small level of Despair reign over me.

However, when I left The Public Square in June of 2016, I was determined to resume writing the book.

Doing so preserved my Sanity and tamped-down my Anger during the Summer and Fall of 2016.

The book was finished in September and I began researching how I would publish and get the word out about it — well, the gods in their twisted humor decided to have their way with me and my plans to publish the book in December were laid aside.

First they caused a major crisis with one of my parents [both of whom are in their early nineties], and then the kicker: I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in November.

Initially, my Oncologist [I already had one from my first bout with The Big C eleven years ago] believed that the Cancer had spread to my upper spine, so I was, basically, Stage IV – Terminal.  Luckily, the gods weren’t being that cruel.  As it turned out, the appearance of a metastasizing of the Cancer had been a ‘radiological illusion’ in the initial CT-SCAN.  In actuality, I only had Stage II Lung Cancer.  I immediately cancelled my funeral party and returned the parting gifts.

After many tests and lots of poking and prodding, I underwent surgery to remove the lower lobe of my left lung at the end of January 2017.  The surgery went well, although they couldn’t do it arthroscopically as the Doc had hoped; they had to cut me open, so the recovery time was longer.

Six weeks later, I began chemotherapy treatments, which lasted until late May [and which were way worse in side-effects than had been the case with my Rectal Cancer a decade ago — if I ever see a Steroid walking down the street, I’ll go medieval on it’s arse].

My recovery continues and it proceeds at a good pace.

In June, I performed a final, quick edit and update on the book and published the PDF Version on 17 June.  I am currently working on having it available in paperback and e-book formats.

So…that’s what has been happening, what has been going down [thank the Good Lord for the ease of use of Twitter, which, believe it or not, kept me with, at least, a toe in The Arena].

I’m back.  And I’m as ticked-off as ever.


Got on my dead man’s suit and my smilin’ skull ring
My lucky graveyard boots and a song to sing
I got a song to sing to keep me out of the cold
And I’ll meet you further on up the road….

  1. theebl permalink
    07 August 2017 @ 22:39 22:39

    I am glad you are back and things health wise are better than they could be. I missed your wisdom and wit. I very much look forward to reading your book!

    • 08 August 2017 @ 07:26 07:26

      Thank you, Evi. Your wit was appreciated while I was going through the treatments.

  2. Rick permalink
    08 August 2017 @ 06:40 06:40

    Great to have you back, finished your book last week and it is a great read, hard to put it down.

  3. PapaMAS permalink
    08 August 2017 @ 08:50 08:50

    Again, welcome back, Bob. Sorry to hear about the cancer – that really sucks. Thank God you are still with us!

  4. 08 August 2017 @ 11:15 11:15

    I had wondered why you quit blogging. Now I know. So glad to see you’re back.

    Also glad to know that, God willing, you will be around a lot longer. We’ll pray for a complete remission and better health for you and yours.

    I, because of my travels for work, haven’t been keeping up with Twitter or blog like I used to. I don’t carry my laptop with me anymore and it’s hard to blog from my phone.

    • 08 August 2017 @ 20:25 20:25

      -I’m glad to be back and on the right side of the dirt, Mike.

      -I will take those prayers – thank you.

      -Still on the road most of the time – that stinks. Wishing you safe travels.

  5. HouseofSuffering permalink
    08 August 2017 @ 18:17 18:17

    Good to have you back, Mr. Belvedere.

  6. 13 August 2017 @ 00:23 00:23

    Sure is good to see you’re back, Bob. Thanks for the link to the book. I’ve taken advantage of your offer of a free pdf.
    Giving the gifts back, on the other hand… what were they? Clinton in ’16 t-shirts?

    • 13 August 2017 @ 22:44 22:44

      It’s nice to be able to be back [and front]. How have you been and how are things Down Under?

      • 14 August 2017 @ 05:51 05:51

        Politically it’s a mess. A good PM (Tony Abbott) was knifed by the shouldabeen-Labor Liberal Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull wanted to be PM but has so far shown no real idea of what he’s going to do with the job…
        Last year’s election is best summed up thus:
        How do you win an election with a one-seat majority? Start with a thirteen-seat majority and add Malcolm Turnbull.
        Same sex marriage is going to the citizens in a postal vote later this year. And the predictions are all over the place on that.
        Personally – well, I got retrenched from a job in March last year and had a few months of job hunting. But I made a good impression in a temp job a few years ago and they got me back last September. I’m still there. A solid improvement over the job I lost in all ways.
        And I’m still motivatoring.

        • 14 August 2017 @ 14:33 14:33

          Very glad to hear things are working out on the job front.

          Unfortunately it seems most of the citizens of The Anglosphere are very willing to exchange their Freedoms and Ordered Liberty for Feel-Good Gestures and Suckling on The Nanny State’s teat.

        • 14 August 2017 @ 17:28 17:28

          True. But there is, to borrow from George Lucas, a sign of hope.

  7. Adobe_Walls permalink
    13 August 2017 @ 10:00 10:00

    Welcome back and Godspeed on your recovery.

    • 13 August 2017 @ 22:44 22:44

      Thanks. It’s good to see that you’re still alive and kicking [arse].


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