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Lest We Forget: 17 June 1775 – Bunker Hill

17 June 2016 @ 08:23


The Day; perhaps the decisive Day is come on which the fate of America depends.
Abigail Adams, Letter to John Adams

On that day, Patriot Outlaws met the British in battle on the hills of Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The Red Coats won the Battle, but their losses were so horrific [especially among the Officers] they never dared venture out of Boston again.

A disorganized army of Colonists under shaky and sometimes non-existent command, fought bravely and held off the damned British as long as they could.

Their Spirit must never be forgotten.

From a letter written by Peter Brown, Colonial Soldier, on 18 June 1775, to his mother in Rhode Island [re-paragraphing mine]:

…The enemy landed, fronted before us, and form’d themselves, in an oblong square in order to surround, which they did in part — after they were well form’d they advanced towards us in order to swallow us up, but they found a Choaky mouthful of us, ‘tho we could do nothing with our small arms as yet for distance, and had but two Cannon, and no Gunner, and they from Boston, and from the shipping firing and throwing Bombs, keeping us down, till they almost surrounded us.

— But God in Mercy to us fought our battle, and tho’ we were but few in number, and suffer’d to be defeated by our enemy, yet we were presrev[ed] in a most wonderful manner, far beyond our expectation and to our admiration for out of our Regiment there were but 37 kill’d 4 or 5 taken captive, about forty seven Wounded

& Oh may I never forget Gods distinguishing Mercy to me, in sparing my Life, when they fell on my right hand, and on my left, and close by me, they were to the eye of reason no more expos’d than myself. — When the Arrows of death flew thick around me, I was preserv’d while others were suffer’d to fall a prey to our Cruel enemies. O may That God whose Mercy was so far extended in my preservation, grant me his grace to devote my future Life to his divine service

Nor do I conclude that the danger is yet over, unless God in his Mercy either remove our enemy, or heal the breach — but if we should be call’d again to action I hope to have courage and strength to act my part valiently in defence of our Liberties & Country trusting in him who hath hitherto kept me, and hath cover’d my head in the day of battle, and altho’ we have lost four out of our Company & several taken captive by the enemy of America, I was not suffer’d to be touch’d.


From a letter written by Samuel Adams to his wife Elizabeth on 28 June 1775 from Philadelphia:


Yesterday I receivd Letters from some of our Friends at the Camp informing me of the Engagement between the American Troops and the Rebel Army, in Charlestown. I cannot but be greatly rejoycd at the tryed Valor of our Countrymen, who by all Accounts behavd with an Intrepidity becoming those who fought for their Liberties against the mercenary Soldiers of a Tyrant. It is painful to me to reflect upon the Terror I must suppose you were under on hearing the Noise of War so near you. Favor me, my dear, with an Account of your Apprehensions at that time, under your own hand. I pray God to cover the heads of our Countrymen in every day of Battle, and ever to protect you from Injury in these distracted Times. The Death of our truly amiable and worthy Friend Dr Warren is greatly afflicting. The Language of Friendship is, how shall we resign him! But it is our Duty to submit to the Dispensations of Heaven, “Whose Ways are ever gracious, ever just.” He fell in the glorious Struggle for the publick Liberty.

The Dr. Warren referred to is Dr. Joseph Warren, who was in charge of the Massachusetts Rebels in the absence of Samuel Adams.

He had been commissioned a Major General in the Massachusetts Militia, but insisted on serving as a Private during The Battle Of Bunker Hill.  From Wikipedia:

Warren was appointed a Major General by the Provincial Congress on June 14, 1775. He arrived where the militia was forming and asked where the heaviest fighting would be; General Israel Putnam pointed to Breeds Hill. He volunteered as a private against the wishes of General Putnam and Colonel William Prescott, who requested that he serve as their commander. Since Putnam and Prescott were more experienced with war he declined command. He was among those inspiring the men to hold rank against superior numbers. Warren was known to have repeatedly declared of the British: “These fellows say we won’t fight! By Heaven, I hope I shall die up to my knees in blood!” He fought in the redoubt until out of ammunition, and remained until the British made their third and final assault on the hill to give time for the militia to escape. He was killed instantly by a musket ball in the head by a British officer (possibly Lieutenant Lord Rawdon) who recognized him. This account is supported by a 2011 forensic analysis. His body was stripped of clothing and he was bayoneted until unrecognizable, and then shoved into a shallow ditch.

British Captain Walter Laurie, who had been defeated at Old North Bridge, later said he “stuffed the scoundrel with another rebel into one hole, and there he and his seditious principles may remain.” His body was exhumed ten months after his death by his brothers and Paul Revere, who identified the remains by the artificial tooth he had placed in the jaw….

The Enemy Within we face today is even more barbaric.


Remember Bunker Hill!

  1. 17 June 2016 @ 16:21 16:21

    I can see the New York Times headline now (let’s just assume there were around then.):

    “Angry white men fight army of liberal King!”

    • 17 June 2016 @ 19:25 19:25


      [The NYT may not have been around then, but the types who run it certainly were (see: Loyalists, Traitorous Scum).]

  2. 19 June 2016 @ 20:32 20:32

    I was not far from Bunker Hill recently, and drove past the monument on the #%#@$ Tobin Bridge yesterday (18th).

    Always remember the great days of American History. Lexington, Bunker Hill,Yorktown, Gettysburg, Midway, D-Day, Pearl Harbor Day. Consider it our Patrimony.

    • 20 June 2016 @ 21:13 21:13


      [Any New Englander will tell you: Always avoid the Tobin Bridge!]

  3. guinspen permalink
    12 July 2016 @ 13:39 13:39

    Where have all the Proteins gone?

    Here’s one.

    Plus, happy Fourth, bb, belatedly.

    • 12 July 2016 @ 22:11 22:11

      The site is still being restored from what I heard a few days ago.

      And a belated Happy Fourth to you.

  4. 06 August 2016 @ 13:10 13:10

    So, lest we never had recognized (we Americans generally speaking), hence, never known to forget what is currently an ongoing situation, the President of the United States — solely on his own authority — has placed our nation in alliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, and Bashar Assad in the Syrian civil war, a civil war now palpably understood as a war nearing to an act of genocide against the non-Shia, non-Allowites of Syria — which is to say primarily against the vast religious majorities in Syria. As well against their fellows in Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and so on throughout the region.

    Who asked him to do this, to make this alliance with Iran (primarily) aiming at Iranian hegemony in the Middle East (and who can say where else the Iranians may choose to strut in future)? When did this ClownCatastrophe ever ask the people of the United States whether this elevation of the Islamic Republic of Iran was their desire?

    Of course, never.

    While I wrote above “ongoing”, we can understand that this horror-show will not end with the departure of PresidentIVotePresentAndWonPenPhone. Nope. Like the tale of Bunker Hill in this respect, this alliance of the United States with genocidal murderers will live on forever in tales told hundreds of years from now.

    Altogether, it is quite the tyrannical legacy of accomplishment, an astounding sleight of hand and one to which the Americans have chosen to submit with hardly a peep of dissent or refusal (owing in large part to their ignorance of the condition in the first instance), and worse, many an enabling help to the success of the deed. And O, there is so much more death and mayhem to come of it, we can be sure.

  5. guinspen permalink
    07 September 2016 @ 12:49 12:49

    Not to froget balloon fences and mile high berms.

    Hope you’re doing swell, bb. Plus, any free-floating proteins tuned in, too.

    This particular free-floating ‘tein has since switched and decided he has no choice but to vote for Donald Oscar Shapeley Trump, believe you me.

    Someone cue the ant song.

    Yo, Frank!

    • guinspen permalink
      07 September 2016 @ 13:03 13:03

      Well, actually, “Yo, Eddie!”

  6. 09 September 2016 @ 11:46 11:46

    Bob, Guins — howdy (greetings):

    So we’re coming up on the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001 — which evidently involves some sort of induced remembering or recollecting — and I have a couple of simple questions.

    First question, why isn’t Ayman Al-Zawahiri dead? Second question, and related to the first, why isn’t Khalid Sheikh Mohammed dead?

    Now these are plainly rhetorical questions in one sense. However, I think they’re also (as I said before) simple questions, even questions we may with profit dwell upon.

    • 09 September 2016 @ 18:52 18:52


      Why aren’t they dead? A: We’re too busy in The West committing Slow Suicide.

  7. DrSique permalink
    08 July 2017 @ 12:31 12:31

    While I am glad to have come across your blog and appreciate another freedom loving patriot, I can not say that our souls deserve any mercy from God. The souls of those whom we have let down through our lack of vigilance however…………………..


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