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Bob Recommends: ‘Social Justice’ And The End Of Fun by @Not_RSMcCain

05 June 2016 @ 20:05

Today I was scrolling around feminist sites when I saw another angry young Tumblrina ranting about the patriarchy (because a guy was rude on the subway) and it hit me why this bothers me so much: When I was a teenager, life was fun because America was a free country…

Source: ‘Social Justice’ and the End of Fun : The Other McCain

  1. 05 June 2016 @ 23:05 23:05

    I shared this at Facebook and Google Plus!  

    • 06 June 2016 @ 20:26 20:26

      Thanks. I seem to be having trouble commenting a ‘Thank You’ over at your WordPress site. It’s the authorization thingy and it’s not just your blog.

      • 07 June 2016 @ 22:11 22:11

        You’re welcome. I don’t know how to fix it. I will check tomorrow after I get home from my sleep study.

  2. DemosthenesVW permalink
    07 June 2016 @ 01:50 01:50

    Bob, I was wondering…can you still access Protein Wisdom? I try, and all I see is a blank page. Has the site been taken down, or might I have been banned for some reason?

    • 07 June 2016 @ 07:09 07:09

      I can’t access it either — and we’re not the only ones.

      Pablo thinks he’s taken it down for some reason – he’s been known, it seems, for doing this.

  3. 07 June 2016 @ 12:33 12:33

    Well . . . not so much for “doing this” Bob, to the extent that “this” is a blank-page, though a blank page still under the name or name equivalent, that is, the url.

    So “this” is in a manner more — and less insofar as blank — than the simple manner of speaking: something actually different in kind from earlier phenomena. So not necessarily similar in this respect to actions we have seen before. As to the cause or causes of “this” new phenomenon, who knows, when no one is saying? Pixy Misa hasn’t spoken of it, so far as I know, so I therefore presume it’s not a technical question to do with the system hosting. Which leaves Jeff alone to account, or so I suppose (it wouldn’t be a question for the Mrs. pw, for instance). And he isn’t saying. Thus far, anyhow.

  4. guinspen permalink
    11 June 2016 @ 10:07 10:07

    He’s back, woot!

  5. guinspen permalink
    11 June 2016 @ 10:11 10:11

    Well, almost, more or less.

    • 11 June 2016 @ 17:50 17:50

      At this point, I’ll take even a little, crusty crumb – it gives me hope.

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