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Memorial Day 2016 A.D.

30 May 2016 @ 00:26

No U.S. Soldier, Sailor, or Marine who has ever given his or her Life can have their demise described that way.

They died fighting for a very Noble Cause: protecting The United States Of America and it’s peoples from harm and in order to preserve Freedom, Ordered Liberty, and Civilization against the Dark Forces of Barbarism, which always seek to enslave and murder the Good in this World.

If any War or Conflict has ended-up being lost, the fault lies with our Civilian Leaders and/or Military Commanders — our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines remain Untainted by the Failures of those who commanded them.

On this Memorial Day, when we remember and honor those who have put on The Uniform and given their Lives for this Country, we must never dishonor them by shedding tears because we think that any of them ‘died for nothing’.

None Have Ever Died In Vain.


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