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On Contempt And Virtue

19 May 2016 @ 14:21

Can one be Virtuous and feel Contempt for certain people?


This question came up over at Protein Wisdom during the course of my exchange with Trumpist LBascom.

What started the conversation was my response to this comment he made:

Losing more slowly has its points if you have young children or, in my case, grandchildren. Americans may have pissed away their trust fund, as it were, but better poor than dead. Besides, maybe another depression and the hardship that goes with it is what’s needed to get the people’s minds right. Spoiled children ( ) sometimes need a good spanking. Never have so many had so much and and appreciated it so little.

Just a thought.

My response:

‘…but better poor than dead’.

Hmmm…that rings a bell……oh, yeah: ‘Better Red Than Dead’.

‘[B]ut at the length truth will out.’

LB retorted:

“Better red than dead”

Actually Belveder, I was going for a “love of money is the root of all evil” thang, in the context of the conversation.

Contempt is not an ingredient of virtue.



Contempt is a neutral conclusion. It can be held/felt and believed for justified or irrational and petty reasons.

The premise of the Contempt is the key to marking it as either justified or uncalled for [ie: worthy of the former kind of Contempt,

As a man who struggles every moment of every, single day to be Virtuous and worthy of Respect, I seek to base all of my Contempt for the actions of others on the answer to the question: Is the action in question an act of Moral Treason.

To be guilty of an act of Moral Treason one must consciously betray ones obligations to God and to his fellowmen.

I have Contempt for any man who is willing to make himself Servile to any Despot, would-be or actual, in order to be allowed to simply continue to exist. I have Contempt for any man who willingly chains himself in Enslavement for the sake of survival, forsaking his Duty to his Posterity [which is every American, be he or she of his own blood or not, that shall come after him].

Virtue is, as the OED states: Behaviour showing high moral standards. A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.

I hold to that ‘high moral standard’ which demands of every Man that he guard and fight vigorously, voraciously, and relentlessly to preserve those Natural Rights gifted to Mankind by God.

Therefore, as someone who strives to meet his obligations to God and to his fellowmen, I have no choice but to hold in Contempt anyone failing to meet those Duties and Responsibilities because those demands are Sacred.

To be in my Contempt is not to be subject to my Hate, but, rather, my Pity – after all, though not a believer in The Resurrection, I do try to live as a Christian [specifically, Catholic] Man.

[Of course, LBascom did not respond to any of my direct points and tried to take me off in a tangential direction.  Trumpists are so predictable.]

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    19 May 2016 @ 19:33 19:33

    I can’t imagine how one can be virtues and not hold many people and thing/situations in contempt.

  2. 20 May 2016 @ 15:28 15:28

    Meno, a dialogue concerning virtue (arete)

  3. sdferr permalink
    20 May 2016 @ 15:29 15:29

    Consarndit, left out the link, I did. So, here: Meno.


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