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Bob Highly Recommends: A Lecture By Gordon Wood

01 May 2016 @ 20:38

On 20 October instant, Gordon Wood gave a lecture at the New York Historical Society on the arguments presented in the Library Of America’s two volume collection, The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate, 1764-1776.

In the course of the presentation, Professor Wood provided a very clear explanation and summary of the issue of where Sovereignty lies.  This is an argument that must, in my opinion, be contemplated and discussed by all of us who want to see the Restoration of Freedom and Ordered Liberty, because understanding where Sovereignty lies is essential to understanding how we can affect a proper Restoration, one that will last longer this time.

C-SPAN does not, it seems, allow embedding of it’s videos, so please follow this link.

NOTE: While I do not agree with every conclusion Mr. Wood draws here and in his writings, he is one of the most honest scholars of this period, a man worthy of serious attention.

During the course of the lecture, Mr. Wood quotes this from Samuel Adams:

There are, my Lord, fundamental rules of the constitution, which it is humbly presumed, neither the supreme legislative nor the supreme executive can alter. In all free states, the constitution is fixed ; it is from thence, that the legislative derives its authority; therefore it cannot change the constitution without destroying its own foundation.  [From: THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF MASSACHUSETTS TO THE EARL OF SHELBURNE. JANUARY 15. 1768. Samuel Adams, principal author.]

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