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Thank You, Supporters Of @RealDonaldTrump!

28 March 2016 @ 10:19

For many years now, I’ve been trying to come to a better understanding of why The Roman Republic fell, hoping to be able, thus, to see the signs and light the warning beacon for this Republic in time to prevent History from repeating here.

My understanding is now much more complete, so I wish to thank those on the Right who support Donald Trump and have been engaging in defending their candidate and his campaign’s actions. You have provided me with a fairly clear view into the mindset of those Roman Citizens who helped bring about the Downfall of The Roman Republic that led to the rise of the Tyrannical Empire Of Rome.

I will now set about gathering faggots and rushes to make the beacon glow much more brightly.

Once again: thank you Trumpkins.

Hail Trump Magnus!

Should Levity & Foppery ever be the ruling Taste of the Great, the Body of the People would be in Danger of catching the Distemper, and the ridiculous Maxims of the one would become fashionable among the other.

I pray God we may never be addicted to Vanity & the Folly of Parade! Pomp & Show serve very well to promote the Purposes of European & Asiatick grandeur, in Countries where the Mystery of Iniquity is carried to the highest Pitch, & Millions are tame enough to believe that they are born for no other Purpose than to be subservient to the capricious Will of a single Great Man or a few! It requires Council & sound Judgment to render our Country secure in a flourishing Condition.

—If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge, of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience Fortitude & Perseverance, of Sobriety & true Republican Simplicity of Manners, of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth — If Men possessed of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.

—Samuel Adams, Letter Elbridge Gerry, 27 November 1780

When the People set up a Great Man of their own, their Jealousy is asleep, & they are in Danger of a Master.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to Samuel Phillips Savage, 10 November 1778

  1. sdferr permalink
    28 March 2016 @ 11:36 11:36

    Charlie Sykes interviews Trump in Wisc. this morning. The man Trump is astoundingly ignorant and infantile.


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