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Fight The Power: #FreeStacy Is All The Rage…

29 February 2016 @ 09:21

…and it should be.

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Stacy-McCain-Gonzo-04-233There are some people who just can’t stand the idea that someone could have access to Twitter or anything, or a platform to be able to criticize them.

That quip from Stacy McCain sums the situation up near-perfectly [tip of the fedora to Da Tech Guy via Stacy himself].

This is a War the Left has started and, dammit, this time we should be the ones who end it.

As Andrew Breitbart said:
Fuck You – War!

If you’re a Twitter User, here’s how to support this fight, which is more than about Stacy having two Twitter accounts obliterated:

The #FreeStacy movement, a grassroots response to Twitter’s Feb. 19 decision to suspend my popular @rsmccain account, has received international attention. You can help support this movement by including the #FreeStacy hashtag on your Twitter messages, by retweeting messages in support of this movement, and by signing up at, which is dedicated to defending free speech rights on social media. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word.

Search for the #FreeStacy hashtag on Twitter and RT every Tweet you can. Also: Block those advertisers who are promoting on Twitter and send them messages like these:

[company Twitter account] I’m blocking your $TWTR acct till @twitter respects free speech #FreeStacy

[company Twitter account] Please stop advertising on @twitter until all voices can be heard. I hate having to give up your product in protest. #FreeStacy

Dear [company Twitter account] @Twitter has unfairly suspended @rsmccain & @SexTroubleBook, so I’m blocking advertisers like you #freestacy

[company Twitter account] Sorry, due to @jack censoring speech on @twitter, I’m blocking promoted accts until current @safety dissolved. #FreeStacy

Spread the word and…

Fight The Power

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be

Stacy-McCain-Reporter-180Got so many forces
Stayin’ on the scene
Givin’ up all around me
Faces full a’ pain

I kept talkin about it
I got the big run around
When I rolled with the punches
I got knocked on the ground
With all this bullshit going down

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be


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    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. vladdy permalink
    18 April 2016 @ 17:48 17:48

    Checked out your site; did not bookmark. Your screed against trump voters (sorry — no low info here — 3 college degrees and political junkie for years) was insulting, and tho’ I won’t be back to check, I hope you decide to leave the “pile-on” —and give people credit for not needing your advice in picking out their own candidates


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