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Solid Advice For Young Men From @RSMcCain

16 February 2016 @ 10:51

Succinct and straight to the point:

Feminists are women who do not like men, and the “Feminist Man” is either (a) a man who is too stupid to understand that feminists hate him, (b) a man who hates himself, or perhaps (c) both (a) and (b). My advice to young men is to avoid feminists altogether. Feminism is an ideology that appeals to, and expresses the interests of, women who are mentally ill, emotionally damaged and sexually deviant. There are still plenty of sane, happy, normal women in the world, so why would any man waste time dating angry lunatics? A feminist never wants to hear anything a man has to say and a wise man would say nothing to her, except “good-bye.”

I do urge you to take the time and click here to read the rest of Stacy’s essay.

The Right Reason behind this advice can also be applied to attempting to being friends or acquaintances with Leftists.

To adopt the Leftist Ideology is to reject Reality and any such rejection, the refusal to accept Life as it is, the deliberate ignoring of Truth, is a sign that the person brushing aside Reality has serious mental issues. Such people are inherently unstable, neurotic time-bombs ready to explode at the slightest triggering of an upsetting emotion, the kind that threatens to upset the very fragile surreal reality [Sur-Reality] they have constructed for his or herself. Such people will bring you nothing but grief and, in many cases, harm to yourself and your loved ones.

In it’s denial of Reality, that A is always A, Leftism is a Force For Evil.

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