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Dem. Delegate Counts: That Old Redistribution Magic’s…

11 February 2016 @ 07:21

…got Bernie under it’s spell
That old redistribution magic the DemE does so well

Those icy Hillary fingers
Up and down his spine
The same old witchcraft will cause him to whine…

Ah…ain’t Redistribution a wonderful thing, Bernie Bolshevik?…

Bernie Sanders voters get a useful lesson in redistribution, as Clinton’s superdelegates gives her the same delegate count as Vermont’s senator…despite her huge loss in the popular vote totals. In other words, votes for Bernie got redistributed to Clinton. Surprisingly, they don’t seem to like it much.

It always hurts when Tyrants get Tyrannized. As Leslie Eastman puts it:

I will admit I have a taste for sweet schadenfreude.

Me too.

Feel the burn.

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