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State Of The Union: ‘Don’t Kill The Job’

12 January 2016 @ 14:33

If you’ve never been a member of a Union, you may have never heard of the expression: ‘Don’t kill the job’.

It means: don’t do anything to speed-up the finishing of the project you are working on — do things to drag it out as long as you can so that you and your union buddies milk the job for all it’s worth. This applies, especially, to work being done for a government entity because you can get away with it a lot easier. It’s one of the attitudes that led to the downfall of Union Power in The Private Sector.

That frame of mind become a permanent feature of the Democratic Party some time ago and has now come to encompass the Republican Party, as well.

In this instance, the ‘job’ is maintaining the bloated and Tyrannical size of Government and then further expanding it’s reach into every nook and cranny of our lives. Ultimately however, both Parties are merely seeking to preserve and enlarge their shares of Power And Control.

The Democrats [Leftists] are more fanatical in their pursuit, whereas the Republicans [Loyalists] seem satisfied to just be invited to The Table Of Power and be served the scrapes. This is one of the main reasons why the former have achieved a hegemony in the governments at all levels in America.

Tonight, President ‘Obama’ will deliver his State Of The Union Message. It will [supposedly] be his last one.

He will drone on and on about his accomplishments [ie: fundamentally transforming America into a Despotism] and, of course, use the word ‘I’ and it’s variations many times.

But his main message to his fellow Revolutionaries and his Dependents [and they are the only people his speech will be addressed to] will be very simple: Don’t Kill The Job.

For over seven years, the Left’s construction project has been going on: the tearing down of The United States and the building of The United State on top of it’s rubble. All of those working on the project have been very effective and efficient at their work [ie: not ‘killing the job’]. They’ve been very skilled at both destruction and milking the job [robbing it blind].

So — like so many other things these days — the term ‘State Of The Union’ doesn’t mean what it says it is.

There is no Union of the Several States overseen by the Sovereign People — The Union, as understood for our first two hundred years, is dead.

Instead, we are ruled by a Union Of Revolutionaries, who like the Teamsters of past Infamy, are nothing but corrupt and arrogant thugs who will do anything to maintain their Power. And they are abetted in this by corrupt Middle Managers, also known as the Republican Party.

The true patriot therefore, will inquire into the causes of the fears and jealousies of his countrymen; and if he finds they are not groundless, he will be far from endeavoring to allay or stifle them: On the contrary, constrained by the Amor Patrae [‘love of country’], and from public views, he will by all proper means in his power foment and cherish them: He will, as far as he is able, keep the attention of his fellow citizens awake to their grievances; and not suffer them to be at rest, till the causes of their just complaints are removed.

– At such a time Philanthrop’s Patriot may be “very cautious of charging the want of ability or integrity to those with whom any of the powers of government are entrusted”: But the true patriot, will constantly be jealous of those very men: Knowing that power, especially in times of corruption, makes men wanton; that it intoxicates the mind; and unless those with whom it is entrusted, are carefully watched, such is the weakness or the perverseness of human nature, they will be apt to domineer over the people, instead of governing them, according to the known laws of the state, to which alone they have submitted.

If he finds, upon the best inquiry, the want of ability or integrity; that is, an ignorance of, or a disposition to depart from, the constitution, which is the measure and rule of government & submission, he will point them out, and loudly proclaim them: He will stir up the people, incessantly to complain of such men, till they are either reformed, or removed from that sacred trust, which it is dangerous for them any longer to hold.

—Samuel Adams, writing as VINDEX, responding to PHILANTHROP, 21 January 1771

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