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On ‘Simplistic Liberalism And A Worshipful Celebration Of “Non-Violence”‘

09 December 2015 @ 14:29

In the Comment section of one of his posts, Stacy McCain writes:

…People forget history or, as in the case of most people under 40, never learned history. What astonishes me is the way the liberal version of World War II (“Hate is bad!”) has been institutionalized to such an extent that nobody ever seems to go back and point out that “hate” pre-existed Hitler, that the Nazis did not invent totalitarianism and, if you study the interwar years (1918-1939) in search of useful policy lessons, the real story is, “Pacifism kills.”

Aggressors only respect force. Military strength is the only defense against aggression and military strength is useless without the judicious statesmanship necessary to recognize which threats deserve an armed response. Yet the U.S. education system is devoted to a simplistic liberalism and a worshipful celebration of “non-violence” to such an extent that anyone who speaks common sense about defense and foreign policy is deemed a warmonger, if not a “fascist” (a word that nowadays means, “Someone that a liberal doesn’t like).

We in The West live in a Culture now based on Leftist Thinking.

One of the traits Leftism encourages [for a whole host of reasons that time
does not permit explaining here] is an all-encompassing Narcissism [suffice it to say: it serves it’s Utopian ends very well].

So, having a Leftist-based Culture means our Civilization has become a collection of Narcissists.

One trait of Narcissists is that they are so self-involved they believe everyone else thinks like they do.

Thus, they believe non-Westerners, such as Muslims, have the same aspirations as they do, such as The Rule Of Law, Representative Government, Right Reason, etc. Thus, they end-up becoming Dhimmi — Useful Idiots for Islam.

In their rabid Selfishness, the Narcissists cannot grasp that the Western Way Of Thinking [specifically the Anglospheric Way] is unique in this World and in History. It is difficult, if not impossible, to replicate in any time less than several centuries.

Now, it’s understandable why Western Europe got it wrong when it came to the German Hitler — he was thought to be ‘one of us’ [and tried to seem that way, and used the reputation of the German Race as a cover], but there is no excuse for the Tolerance being granted to the Ideology/Religion known as Islam, which is, most certainly, a system of ideas born in a climate that is clearly not Western in any way, shape, or form. In fact, Mohammedism is rather Oriental, whereas we are the very definition of the opposite: Occidental.

The threats that deserve an armed response are those which threaten the continuing existence of the Anglospheric Nations.

As Stacy wrote, we need ‘the judicious statesmanship necessary to recognize which threats deserve an armed response’ and that kind of Statesman only arises from a soil firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian Values.

The Narcissist is but a weed, a parasitic plant, exhausting the rich soil of The West — he only brings the rot of Pacifism and the disease of Apathy and the derangement of the soil, which is the Human Soul.

The Narcissists must be removed from positions of Power if the Anglosphere is to survive.

  1. 11 December 2015 @ 12:49 12:49

    Try living in that bastion of that worshipful celebration…………..
    The level of stupidity is sometimes, mind boggling.

  2. sdferr permalink
    12 December 2015 @ 11:04 11:04

    Culture, or so it seems to me, is pretty much a crap category (suggesting here we merely look closely at the way in which it is used in present discourse — “rape culture”, “gun culture”, “biscuit-maker culture”, etc. — truly, so much shit). Possibly a distinctly leftist political category, although we would require a great deal of work to arrive at that particular proposition. It isn’t, so far as I can tell, prominent in the political philosophy grasped by the Founders and Framers of the American regime. They just don’t use the word very much, if at all, and certainly not in the ways in which the word is used today. They have others, and to my way of thinking, betters. They speak of order, justice, honor, interests, and so on. In general terms (and what could possibly be more general than the crap category culture?), culture seems to have sprung to prominence in Immanuel Kant’s thought, following Rousseau (here I depend on the reflections of Allan Bloom). One possible means to dig down into the origin of the term in our discourse, and perhaps, the reason why the term has taken such a hold on the contemporary mind, is to try to see what questions Rousseau raised (Hume raised) that Kant seeks to address (questions which, while powerfully animating to Rousseau and Kant have yet been long since forgotten). But I dunno.


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