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Muslim Miscellany

08 December 2015 @ 14:46

-Letting The Barbarians In The Gate?

Here’s a telling tale of what we can expect in America on a more frequent and noticeable basis if we just keep letting Muslims immigrate to America…

From The London Daily Mail, Laura Wells reporting, we learn:

Baby-faced and swamped by her wedding dress and veil, she is easily young enough to be her companion’s grand-daughter.

But despite the startling fact that this ‘bride’ is just a child, some passers-by are astonishingly quick to offer congratulations.

In this case, the marriage is a sham to highlight the plight of Lebanese girls who can be married off to much older men from the age of nine.

The practice is on the increase in the country, especially in refugee camps where Syrian refugee girls are forced to marry young.

Many see it as acceptable. One man, passing the staged wedding, asks: ‘Is she yours?’

The groom replies ‘yes’ and the onlooker then nods approval and congratulates him.

The fake wedding was set up by KAFA charity to highlight Lebanon’s child marriage shame. The age of consent in the country is set by religious tribunals.

Girls as young as 14 can marry without parental consent, although tribunals have granted special permission for nine-year-olds to marry.

Around one in every 100 children in Lebanon are married off before they are 15, according to UNICEF, and the shocking phenomenon is said to be on the rise.

It found a spike in early marriages in refugee camps across the Arab region, where Syrian families marry their daughters off to older men because they believe they are giving them a better, safer life.

They are in fact putting them at a much higher risk of complications during pregnancy, domestic abuse and rape, and destroying any chance of them getting an education, said UNICEF spokesman Robert Jenkins.

Pardon my Lebanese French, but: No Shit.

Are you ready for this in America?

The Left, I predict will make some half-hearted protests against it when Child Marriage starts happening more frequently and gets noticed [and don’t think it isn’t already happening here behind closed doors in the enclaves], but soon after they’ll start passing Regulations and signing Executive Orders that allow it. After all: is it not the Leftist Culture that has been actively, if stealthily, sexualizing our children since the days of the horrid Kinsey Report?

-Sheesh!…You Just Can’t Please Some People

From Joel Pollak, over at Breitbart, we learn:

President Barack Obama’s speech from the Oval Office on Sunday night was panned by many critics, left and right, for offering no new strategy to deal with terror and the so-called Islamic State. However, there was one new point: President Obama called on the Muslim community in the United States and abroad to confront extremism in its midst, “without excuse.”

That has some American Muslims fuming, and complaining that they are being unfairly singled out among other faiths, according to National Public Radio.

Trouble is, no one takes those deadly Ninja Nazarenes or Mossad Maulers seriously.

Of course, this bleating from some of the Islamic Sheep is so much bull crap. They know that they’ve got a friendly, mom jeans-wearing friend in The Whitey House.

-From The ‘Some Of My Best Friends Are Muslims’ Department

Hillary is touting her friendship with Huma Abedin and her Campaign has sent out a fundraising letter from Mzzz. Weiner.

But, as Joel Pollak remarks:

However, Huma Abedin is an odd choice. A “proud Muslim” would not marry a Jew–much less scandal-plagued former Rep. Anthony Weiner–given that Islamic law prevents women from marrying non-Muslims. Stranger still, Huma Abedin’s mother Saleha is reported to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is not only “proud” but radical, and violent.

In addition, Huma Abedin was recently investigated for embezzlement, and has been accused of failing to provide complete financial disclosure to the State Department, as well as working for a private contractor on the side.

Not exactly a proud record–except in Clintonland.

Ahhh, Clintonland – where seldom is heard a non-shrewish word and the husbands are raping all day.

Now, the Hillaria Campaign has to know that a good number of Americans – perhaps, these days, a majority – are not well-disposed towards Islam and that her comments will alienate a sizable portion of the electorate. This fact proves my point that people like Hillary and Obama aren’t even bothering to talk to most Americans these days.

-The Muslim Invasion Will Be Not Televised [or Blogged]

If the Leftists have any say, that’s for sure.

Invest in a Ham Radio.

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