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01 December 2015 @ 14:42

No…I meant to spell it that way.

There was a time when to be a Republican meant that you defended the constitutional republic we were gifted by The Founding Fathers.

Now, as Elizabeth Price Foley puts it so well and so succinctly:

Sadly, the GOPe has repeatedly proven that it thinks it’s more important to win the White House in 2016 – at all cost[s] – than to defend constitutional principles. Its elevation of “Republican” over “republic” makes it complicit in the country’s precipitous decline. Yet the GOPe still scratches its head, wondering why its own political base prefers outsider candidates such as Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina.

The Base of the Party [aka: conservatives and Classical Liberals] has remained true to the original meaning of ‘Republican’, while the GOP Establishment has been actively engaging in seeking it’s share of Power And Control.

The GOPe believes the future belongs to Statism, so it has made a deal with the Leftist Devil in order to obtain a seat at The Table Of Power, which should be truthfully labeled: The Table Of Tyranny.

Governmental Power should always be diffused in and among The Sovereign People and never concentrated in one structure, let alone one room, or at one table in that room.

America is experiencing a great upheaval, certainly one as tumultuous and as dangerous [if not more so] as that which afflicted us in the 1760’s and 1770’s. The cast for this Grand Tragedy includes the Left in the role of the Parliament-like Tyrant Rulers, conservatives and Classical Liberals as the Patriots, and the GOP Establishment as the Loyalists.

Perhaps it is time we started treating the GOP Establishment as the Patriots of old treated the Loyalists — perhaps it is well-beyond time we did.


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