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The Left And The Mentally Ill: A Band Of Lunatic Brothers

30 November 2015 @ 21:02

For many of us, the murders committed by Robert Lewis Dear in Colorado is just another scene in an ongoing marathon drama of acts of Madness occurring in America nearly every, single day.

From the Insanity [laced with a serial Inanity] coming out of the mouths of college students to the dangerous and deadly policies and actions [and inactions] of those in charge of the central government to the Hysterical shriekings of unhinged Feminists to… — well, you get the picture — one would not be wrong to label this epoch The Deranged Age.

Literally, Lunatics are roaming freely throughout the whole of this country, as Stacy McCain points out in another installment of his series, Crazy People Are Dangerous:

…Our society has been persuaded by liberals that the demented and deranged should never be criticized because criticism might hurt their feelings. Wackos and lunatics are very sensitive people, we are required to believe, and deserve our sympathy. We should never be afraid of these psychotic misfits, according to liberals who are eager to convince us that maladjusted loners are perfectly harmless.

Liberals tell us it is heartless and “mean-spirited” to suggest that public safety would be best served if mentally ill people with histories of dangerous behavior were locked up in psychiatric wards. Americans are told that it’s OK to let delusional and antisocial freaks roam around free in our society, because what could possibly go wrong?

When one of these dangerous kooks who roam among us finally commits an act of crazy violence, however, liberals quickly rush to tell us that his insane actions have some kind of political significance and that the proper response to this atrocity is — wait for it — more liberalism. Another crazy killer, therefore, vote Democrat!

Liberalism would be laughable, if it were not so deadly.

The Deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, which had been a goal of the Left since the late 1960’s, one that was fully realized by the late 1970’s, has brought about nothing buy misery, violence, and death for both the sane and those people the Left supposedly sought to help.

For decades, many blamed the Left’s rabid advocacy for Deinstitutionalization on their naivete, their hemophilic bleeding-hearts.  Concerning this matter, we saw in their fanatical actions nothing more than Compassion carried to extremes, that the worst the Left could be accused of was, as they themselves sometimes put it, caring too much.

However, I think it is now clear — or should be so after nearly a decade of the Left operating more openly than perhaps they ever have, showing us their naked faces, as it were — that the release of the Insane into the general population and the declaring of them as ‘untouchable’ [via Political Correctness] was just the result of a number of symptoms of Leftist Thinking converging at the right moment.

Leftist-Mastermind-001cx-First of all: the Left believes that the bringing to realization of Utopia can only come about if the existing Society is destroyed, reduced to rubble.  Certainly since the days of Marx [and probably since De Sade] the Left has realized that it’s plan for Heaven On Earth cannot be realized as long as Western Values, such as Judeo-Christian Morality, Right Reason, and The Rule Of Law, continue to exist.  When a Leftist puts a bumper sticker on his car that reads ‘CO-EXIST’, he doesn’t mean it.  What he actually seeks is an Anti-West.

Since our Civilization requires Ordered Liberty to continue to exist, the Left believes it must bring about conditions where Law And Order are consumed in the deadly maw of an overwhelming Chaos.

Releasing the Mentally Ill into our Society and forcing us at the point of a gun to not be able to take effective measures to prevent them from causing harm, the Left is ensuring that our Society will begin to totter and will eventually fall into Mayhem and Disorder.  The Left seeks nothing less than to turn us into savages.

-Second of all, the Left is, in fact, quite stunningly naive, believing that, since Reality is subjective, that it is a non-permanent thing, there actually is no such thing as Insanity.  They believe that each individual designs his or her own Reality [no one ever said their ideas make any sense because how can you believe that such Individualism exists when you are an advocate for Collectivism in all things].  Call this way of thinking Leftist Hemorrhagic Fever.

-Finally, Leftist Thinking, by it’s very Nature, is the thinking of the Insane.

The Oxford English Dictionary Online defines ‘Insane‘ this way:

1. In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.

1.1 (Of an action or quality) characterized or caused by madness.

1.2 In a state of extreme annoyance or distraction.

1.3 (Of an action or policy) extremely foolish; irrational or illogical.

Examine any Leftist Thought, any aspect of it’s system of ideas [ie: Ideology], and you will see most, if not all, of the definition’s descriptions are met.

The Left has no problems letting the ‘mentally ill’ walk about and act freely because they ultimately feel a kinship with them.

They are Comrades, a Band Of Lunatic Brothers, who view the world only through a funhouse mirror located in a Circus Of Maniacal Misfits.


  1. woodNfish permalink
    02 December 2015 @ 17:06 17:06

    First of all, leftists are not “liberals”, which has “liberty” as its root. They are also not “progressive” or “progressives”. They are socialist, totalitarian, fascist regressives who use political correctness to hide behind words that have the entirely opposite meaning of what they truly are. Stop being PC and helping them hide. Call them what they are – socialists, fascists and regressive.

  2. woodNfish permalink
    02 December 2015 @ 17:10 17:10

    I like Cruz, but he has to take money from large donors to stay in the race. That means he will be bought and paid for like every other politician, especially the republicans. Why do you think they stab us in the back after we elect them? They are owned.

    Donald Trump cannot be bought. He does not need large donors and the small individual donations he is taking aren’t going to let the donors influence him. Will Trump destroy the GOPe? I hope so. They deserve it for lying, cheating and stealing from us for the last 25 years while telling us they were different. They aren’t. They deserve everything they get and I will help it happen. Trump for President 2016!

  3. 02 December 2015 @ 21:24 21:24

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