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Bob The Answer Man On ‘Cultural Appropriation’

24 November 2015 @ 14:31

QUESTION: Why has ‘gay marriage’ [aka: SSM] been pushed on American Culture so heavily these past few years?

The push for ‘gay marriage’ is just one more offensive operation [so far, one that has been very successful] in the Left’s War To Death with Western Civilization.

One might call this attack in the War ‘Operation Cultural Appropriation’, because is that not what they are seeking to do?

There is, of course, a difference between your Culture appropriating ‘the good customs’ of another Culture for the purposes of building the strength of your Culture and appropriating a custom, such as Marriage, for the sole reason of destroying it.

The Left seeks the latter and either Homosexuals agree with their aims or are too stupid to understand they are being used.

Over at Protein Wisdom, The Monster wrote the following about Marriage:

The reason we even have marriage is to protect the children produced by good old-fashioned P-in-V sex. No other “sex act” can produce children…so the things that happen between two men or two women do not give the state the excuse to say it’s protecting the interests of the potential children that may be produced by a marriage.

Lesbians can get some help from a turkey baster or grit their teeth and put up with a direct insemination, but the latter is a violation of the terms of marriage. That illustrates the fundamental reason why a same-sex couple can’t “appropriate” marriage: The nature of a union between a man and one or more women (especially when all of them are presumably fertile) is different from any arrangement comprising only one gender.

This illustrates another problem leftists have. They are unable to distinguish between man-made facts like “The minimum age to buy cigarettes is ___” and “Men and women are inherently different from one another”, which leads them to try to legislate reality.


Note that in the preceding I explicitly allow for polygamy, because many societies have recognized that as a form of marriage, while none recognized “SSM” until about yesterday in historical terms.

The reason why monogamy and polygamy can both be called “marriage” is that in both cases, the man has certain responsibilities toward his wife/wives, who in turn have responsibilities toward him, and all are responsible for the children they produce. There just isn’t a way to stretch that definition far enough to include “SSM” without stretching it to the breaking point.

The idea behind SSM is, of course, to stretch it ‘to the breaking point’ and beyond.

The Utopias dreamed-up by Ideologues [of all types] cannot come into being until those institutions and customs which hold Western Civilization together are reduced to small bits of unrecognizable rubble. This is so because all Utopias are constructed of materials that have no relation to Reality, to Life As It Is, that reject the Eternal Truth that A is always A.

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