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Poor Jeb: Bad Posture / Bad Luck

24 October 2015 @ 01:38
The Doctor is in.

The Doctor is in.

Dr. Mark Steyn diagnoses here the many health problems that plague The Body Bush.

Mark focuses on Bush Consultant Mike Murphy, but he clearly means to indict all of those parasitic consultants that hover, like locusts, around GOP Establishment Candidates at all levels.

This is not to say that I feel any sympathy for the candidates who get suckered and used by the Mike Murphys and Karl Roves of this world.  No, no.

The consultants are in it for the money and Power, but so are the members of the GOP Establishment.

Both groups have made their peace with things as they are.  Both have embraced The Culture Of Corruption, but, more importantly, both have made their deals with the Devil known as Statism — they all want to be invited to the Power And Control Dinner.  Trouble is, the GOP Establishment are such Losers that they get relegated to the Children’s Table [and seem quite happy there].

The GOP Consultants play the GOP Candidates for suckers, who, in turn, play the people sympathetic to Republicans for suckers.  But both the GOP Candidates and Consultants get played for suckers by The Left In America.

It’s both funny and quite pathetic.

If the Leftists are a Menace to America and everything she stands for [and they most certainly are], the members of the GOP Establishment are the sniveling little shits who service those Enemies.

And that’s why, as Mark comments:

Then Donald Trump turns up. He has an issue, but it’s the one the consultant class advise you to go nowhere near with a ten-foot pole, so he snaffles it up all to himself. He spends nothing on ads, because he’s sucking up all the free airtime in the 15 minutes between the stupid irritating soft-focus commercials. His biggest expense is hats and T-shirts. He has no endorsements from former senators and former congressmen and former this and former that, because they’re losers and nobody remembers who they are. Not being a career politician, he feels no need to pretend to be an average working stiff, because he’s not.

And the consultants’ response to all this is to complain that Trump’s not doing it right.

Then Ben Carson comes along. In the first debate, he says nothing except one cute non-political soundbite two minutes before the end, and his poll numbers go up way higher than all the senators and governors who are alleged to have performed well. In the second debate, he doesn’t even bother with the cute soundbite: He stands there on CNN for three hours saying nothing, and he rockets up the rankings into second place. Then, like Trump, he starts saying things that are supposed to destroy his candidacy – about Islam, guns, the Holocaust, whatever. Instead, they propel him into the lead in Iowa. At which point he puts his campaign on hold and goes off on a book tour.

And somewhere offstage Mike Murphy is scoffing: “What a loser! He doesn’t know how to play this game.”


Finally: What is it with Jeb’s bad posture.  He looks like a shlump — a real shlimeel.  We know he’s a putz and a shvants, but, oy!, he stands hunched-over and comes across as a real shmendrik, a first-class schmo.  He should spend some of his donor funds on a back brace.  Anyway…I’m off to the shvitz [and, Christ, I’m not even Jewish].

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