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The Democratic Masterdebate

15 October 2015 @ 09:24

Jeez, people…get a room [under Section 8, of course].

It was an Orgy Of Ugly [physical and Spiritual].

Or…as Paco described it: ‘the whole thing sounded like a revival of the Comintern’.

-I did not watch the Democratic Debate because I decided to do something more pleasurable: have my eyes gouged-out with a rusty melon-baller.

Seriously…I followed the idiocy on Twitter, which saves my stores of bourbon [although, it’s a close-run thing every damn time].

-Darleen Click sums it up pretty damn well here with one of her top-notch / spot-on Photoshops.

-William Jacobson has, per usual, some very insightful remarks here.

A highlight:

…Democrats in 2015 like their males Beta, and their females Alpha. This, to them, was a feature not a bug.

Bernie is betting on the Democratic Socialist vote, and that vote doesn’t care about Hillary’s server.

No Leftist does Morally or Legally, because they have all embraced the ‘by any means necessary’ Ideology. The Ends justify any and all Means.

-And please check out Mark Steyn’s take, which is, per usual, both insightful and witty.

A highlight:

Lincoln Chafee, explaining why he used to be a Republican and is now a Democrat, dusted off the old line “I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.” Nobody asked Bernie Sanders why an “independent socialist” who’s never been a Democrat is running in the Democrat primary, but he could just as easily have said: “I didn’t join the party, the party joined me.” Last night the Democrats presented themselves an an openly left-wing party, to whose base Bernie’s honeymoon in the Soviet Union appears far less eccentric than Jim Webb doing his Scoop Jackson routine 40 years too late. Bernie thinks we should be more like Denmark, Sweden and Norway – just debt-ridden and with more race riots. As far as I can recall, the most pressing priority for the Democrats is free parental leave for illegal immigrants if they happen to have an anchor baby while enjoying their free college tuition. Insofar as foreign policy raised its head, it was something to be avoided at all costs. While crazy right-wing nutjobs worry about footling peripheral trifles like Isis, Putin, and Iranian nukes, smart Democrats are focused on the real global threat of “climate change”, which is why they’re committed to investing in wind-driven fax machines for all Obamacare sign-ups by 2020.

Another big worry for the Left In America — one that they’re joining together on now, more determined than ever before — is that too many of us have weapons…and we’re prepared to use them, if driven up against the wall, as The Founders intended when they passed the Second Amendment.

-Paco makes a very interesting and dead-on-balls-accurate observation on the Modern Democratic Party:

…Through a kind of petrifaction, the form of the organization is still recognizable, but its constituent elements have been almost completely replaced through the crystallization of statist nostrums which admit of few, if any, competing variations.

I would expand on that by adding: The Democratic Party has always been subject to wrong-headed and, yes, Evil constituent elements.

In it’s first incarnation, as the Democrat-Republicans under the control of Thomas Jefferson, it supported the Revolution in France.

When it was reorganized as the Democratic Party, under Andrew Jackson, it embraced Democracy and the Spoils System.

It then went on over the next century-plus to support Slavery and it’s aftermath: Jim Crow Laws, lynchings, support of the KKK, and Separate-But-Equal laws combined with a cultural vision of blacks as sub-Human.

It embraced massively Corrupt Machine Politics, which, among many Sins, included cooperation with Organized Crime.

It fully embraced Progressivism, unlike the Republican Party in which that foul Ideology had to always share space with conservatives.

Starting in the 1920’s, the Democrats became, at best, apologists for Communism and Fascism and, at worst, collaborators with or outright members of the Communist Party.

In the late 1960’s, it allowed itself to begin to be taken-over by the Radical Left, a process which reached it’s apogee in their achieving control of the Congress and Presidency in the mid-Oughts.

And let us not forget the Democrats’s long-standing and loving embrace of all forms of Vice.

[Hmmm…somebody should write a book about this sordid and tawdry history.]

Man…I need a shower after composing this post……and a bourbon, straight-up.

  1. 15 October 2015 @ 21:50 21:50

    Much obliged for the link!

  2. 15 October 2015 @ 22:50 22:50

    Jim Webb is the sort my mill wright grandfather would have supported. Not afraid of being American, but a member of his party.

    He’s the last gasp of Andrew Jackson in the Dems.

  3. 16 October 2015 @ 08:49 08:49

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.


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