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The Left In America: Forever AWOL

10 September 2015 @ 09:33

Over at Protein Wisdom, Darleen Click has up a post about the many problems the Marines have encountered in their testing of mixing males and females in combat teams.

As you might expect since TCOTS Readers are all grounded in Reality, the experiment doesn’t work.

Please do take the time to click here and read Darleen’s post.

Leftist-Mastermind-001cxOn the more general issue of the Left’s attitude towards the Military…

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Left believes it can defend it’s Power And Control [it’s people are, as always, expendable] with bombs and computers, so troops on the ground don’t matter. So the Left has no compunction in destroying the latter.

I would bet that, if you were able to get an honest answer out of a Leftist [hah!…good luck — although waterboarding the bastards would be fun], he/she/it would admit that they would like to see the Star Trek [original series] episode ‘A Taste of Armageddon’ come true.

The episode’s plot:

…In this episode, the crew of the USS Enterprise visits a planet whose people fight a computer-simulated war against a neighboring planet. Although the war is fought via computer simulation, the citizens of each planet have to submit to real executions inside “disintegration booths” to meet the casualty counts of the simulated attacks. The crew of the Enterprise is caught in the middle and are told to submit themselves voluntarily for execution after being “killed” in an “enemy attack”.

As perceptive Historians, like Victor Davis Hanson and John Keegan, have pointed out: War always comes down to troops on the ground — so has it been true throughout History and so shall it continue to be true in the future.

Once again: the Left’s denial of Reality, if it becomes policy, will lead to millions dead.

As Jeff Goldstein likes to say: It’s who they are; it’s what they do.

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