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#Denali Is A Mountain In Egypt?

30 August 2015 @ 20:11

Idaho, but I’ll Alaska.


On 28 Obamacus [old calendar: ‘August’] in the Year Siz, Anno Salvator, Julius Obamacus Nero Caesar [formerly: Barack Hussein Soetero-Obama] Anti-President of The United States Of America, Fearless Leader and Duce [Dou’che?], Lowerer Of The Seas, Defender Of The Islamic Faith Cult, Apologist Of All That Is American, Sovereign Of The Stimulus, Healer Of The Earth, Duke Of No Nukes, Sovereign Restorer Of Images, Messiah Of The Lay-Abouts, Sovereign Organizer Of Communities, Duke Of Alinsky, Sovereign and Most Honourable Provider Of Health Care, Grand Poohba of the Most Venerable Order of Narcissists, Financial Adviser-In-Chief, Physician-In-Chief, Linguist-In-Chief, Personal Trainer-In-Chief, Supreme Spiculate of Spite, Lord Of The Food Stamps, Defender Of The Debt, Earl Of Tantrum, King of the Irony Throne of the Seven Kingdoms in The Game Of Drones, Kings of Rooseveltia, Supreme Poetry Master, Doctor of Crazies, Injun-In-Chief [Injun Name: ‘Throws-Like-Girl’], etc., spaketh to the peoples of his realm the pablum of putrefying purulency and declared:

Mt. McKinley will be renamed Denali


The late President, who, unlike ‘Obama’, brought much financial prosperity to all Americans, was unavailable for comment.

We have received the following message from The Whitey House:

The United State has ALWAYS been at war
with Mt. William McKinley.

Triple Doubleplusgood!

Also, they want to remind you to support the Iran Treaty because it will protect American National Security forever and ever and ever — no really!

Image by Bob Belvedere

Image by Bob Belvedere

-[tip of the fedora to Niels Lesniewski]

  1. 31 August 2015 @ 14:08 14:08

    McKinley was such a white man!


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