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On Pretentious Conservatives and The Donald

27 August 2015 @ 14:37

Mike Hendrix, proprietor of Cold Fury, responds to a member of our side [Robert Tracinsky, directly; Ben Domenech, indirectly], who, despite his protestations, is clearly a member of what I like to call ‘The Conservative Beautiful People’ – or, at the very least, bucking for membership in that snobbish group:

Tracinsky then gets busy hurling the usual insults at Trump enthusiasts (“low-information voters,” “Archie Bunker types,” “single-issue anti-immigration fanatics,” “outright racists,” and “genteel quasi-racists,” you’ll be unsurprised to learn), which insults sound a whole hell of a lot like the Left’s perception of Republicans generally no matter who’s slinging them. He declares himself not remotely an Establishmentarian type, which I would have mostly agreed with before reading this tripe. Then comes the denouement: “So how many of these people are there, how committed are they, and how bitter will they be if their newfound champion doesn’t win?”

Robert, Robert, you still don’t get it. We expect nothing from the Republican Party; we want nothing from them. We are laughing at them. We aren’t bitter at all, except over the larger tragedy of seeing the nation we loved destroyed before our very eyes; the (self-)destruction of the Republicrat Party is pretty small beer compared with that. We are enjoying watching them (and their pet-poodle pundits) goad themselves into hysterical paroxysms over the unlikely spectacle of a wealthy blowhard running rings around them by merely expounding on some simple but heretofore-forbidden truths, and never expressing the slightest remorse over giving the business-as-usual types the shrieking fantods along the way. I doubt there are all that many of us who think we’re going to be saving anything with Trump or without him; there’s not a lot left that’s worth the saving anyway, and we’ve been burned way too many times to have much faith in mere politics to provide much more than its usual distraction. And if we do manage to at least re-establish some reasonable facsimile of a border in the process of having a few laughs at their expense, well, what’s not to like?

For an awful lot of us, although certainly not all, Trump is a means to an end these guys just can’t seem to grasp. The odds of us ever marching dutifully off again en masse to vote for whichever GOP empty suit they try to cram down our throats this time are precisely nil. If Trump is nominated, we might vote for him…or we mightn’t. Mostly, we are amusing ourselves while we wait for le deluge, a deluge that’s coming no matter which authoritarian Statist gets elected. In the meantime, we get to see at least some of our viewpoints openly expressed and affirmed without fear or shame, and that’s worth something to us too. If that gets the Establishmentarians all hot and bothered and pissing themselves in public, well…good. It’s really not complicated or difficult to understand at all, for anyone who’s been paying close enough attention for the last, oh, decade or so.

Dead solid perfect.

Friend In The Ether, Physics Geek’s comment is spot-on, as well:

The snobs and elitists have come out in force this cycle. I’ll simply reiterate what Empire of Jeff said vis a vis Trump:

You “conservative” “pundits” still don’t get it: Trump isn’t our candidate. He’s our murder weapon.And the GOP is our victim. We good, now?

At the same time, we must respect those who support Mr. Trump. They have legitimate concerns that the candidate is expressing, as Mike says, without the ‘slightest remorse’. He’s a breath of fresh air.

The Tracinskys and Ben Domenechs can denigrate The Donald and his supporters all they want and it may – just may – get them invited to the ‘right’ cocktail parties and asked to give speeches to think-tanks for some good denarii and get them favorable reviews when they write their ‘earth-shaking’ political treatises, but are such blood-soaked recompenses worth the price of one’s Soul, of becoming mere Useful Idiots of the Useful Idiots of the Left [aka: the GOP and Conservative Establishments], of betraying the struggle to Restore Freedom and Ordered Liberty?

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest of Mike’s post [and I urge you to make his joint a regular stop on your travels in The Ether].

  1. 28 August 2015 @ 01:20 01:20

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog.

  2. RS (Shermlaw) permalink
    28 August 2015 @ 15:35 15:35

    So, here is the question. Where is the conservative statesman who can tap into these frustrations and expound on these themes? It’s not as if the conservative base has been reticent since 2008. The betrayal has been obvious to any person who’s been paying attention. Even on matters where the country is clearly against the administration, i.e. Iran, they fold. Whether people really care about Trump is beside the point. At the moment, he’s the megaphone with which a substantial chunk of the country can express its displeasure with the ruling class.

  3. Old Ez permalink
    29 August 2015 @ 01:26 01:26

    Good job Bob. People even half-arsed paying attention know we HAVE to change direction. Trump maybe as big a disaster as what we have have now. But at least he’d be a disaster in a different direction.


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