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Blog Post Title Of The Year – Courtesy Of @DonSurber

23 August 2015 @ 18:31

I have seen a better one so far in 2015 and I have no doubt I will not see a better one before that big old ball drops in Times Square:


To make matters even happier: Don follows the title with a grand appreciation of Mr. Astaire.

A highlight:

Astaire worked hard. While his style looked simple and easy-going, he was a perfectionist who put in many hours of rehearsal. He had a good ear for music. By 18, he was on Broadway as part of a patriotic review. Throughout the 1920s they appeared in musicals with music by George and Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter, and others. Their musicals also played in the West End.

Hollywood was their next logical move. He signed with RKO, but he flunked the screen test, with a report tersely writing him off, “Can’t act. Slightly bald. Also dances.”

But David O. Selznick, head of production at RKO, did not write the dancer off, noting in a memo, “I am uncertain about the man, but I feel, in spite of his enormous ears and bad chin line, that his charm is so tremendous that it comes through even on this wretched test.”

Please do take the time to click here and read the rest of this warm appreciation of one of the most talented people America has ever produced.

Speaking of Heaven: take it away Irving…

  1. 24 August 2015 @ 20:35 20:35

    Simply the best number ever on screen. They both look great. The amazing thing is this scene was shot 80 years ago and people still talk about it. Will people still be talking about miley cyrus in 80 years? Ten years? I doubt it.

    • 24 August 2015 @ 21:51 21:51

      Of course not, unless it’s a documentary on Freaks.

      Frank and Fred will live on.

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