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Elections 2016: Spot The Loony

22 August 2015 @ 00:26

Put on your thinking tin-foil caps Hobbits and be ready to play


Take it away Mark Steyn and Hugh Hewitt:

HEWITT: And a last quick question – Donald Trump continues to gather momentum. The polls out today showing him now winning in many states where he was behind Hilary before in head-to-head match-ups. Is there a ceiling for Donald Trump?

STEYN: I’m not so sure that there is because the ceiling keeps getting higher. Now at some point everyone bumps up against the ceiling, but it is going higher. And I think the way to look on it, Hugh, is like this – you’ve been quite critical of him. You can say “Oh, this guy is an out-of-control lunatic buffoon” but actually–

HEWITT: I never said that. Let the record be clear.

STEYN: No, no, no. I know you’ve never said that, but a lot of people, but what he’s saying is actually quite sane, where if you think of the so-called sane candidates like Jeb Bush when he talks about illegal immigration as an “act of love” – he may be a sane man, but what he’s saying is far loonier than what Donald Trump is saying….

Poor John Ellis Bush…why bless his little heart.


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  1. rkae permalink
    22 August 2015 @ 12:36 12:36

    This damned immigration debate is driving me to insanity.

    I’m am sick of the most important question never being asked:


  2. guinspen permalink
    22 August 2015 @ 15:47 15:47

    Hit it, JJ.

    “I say, ‘America, stay out the Bushes!'”

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