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Delusions Of Grandeur: @JohnKerry Is Mentally Deranged

17 August 2015 @ 11:19

His pander is a slander against all of us, especially the Cubans in Exile, who believe that Communism is an Evil that must be fought everywhere it lives.

From John Forbes Kerry’s speech at the re-opening of the American Embassy in Communist Cuba:

…I applaud President Obama and President Castro both for having the courage to bring us together in the face of considerable opposition….But above all, above all, I want to pay tribute to the people of Cuba and to the Cuban American community in the United States. Jose Marti once said that “everything that divides men…is a sin against humanity.” Clearly, the events of the past – the harsh words, the provocative and retaliatory actions, the human tragedies – all have been a source of deep division that has diminished our common humanity. There have been too many days of sacrifice and sorrow; too many decades of suspicion and fear. That is why I am heartened by the many on both sides of the Straits who – whether because of family ties or a simple desire to replace anger with something more productive – have endorsed this search for a better path.

We have begun to move down that path without any illusions about how difficult it may be. But we are each confident in our intentions, confident in the contacts that we have made, and pleased with the friendships that we have begun to forge.

And we are certain that the time is now to reach out to one another, as two peoples who are no longer enemies or rivals, but neighbors – time to unfurl our flags, raise them up, and let the world know that we wish each other well.

I’m coming around to the opinion [diagnosis] that JFK believes in the offal he’s endlessly spewing in his drone-like logorrhea.

This is sorry excuse for a man [who provided aid and comfort to the Communist Vietnamese, and by extension The Soviet Union and Red China and who had a major conflict of interest going in his negotiations with Muslim Iran] is nothing but a Useful Idiot for Tyrants the world over.

Kerry is also merely an Apparatchik of the Left. It’s rather obvious to anyone who has watched him in action for a while that he is no Mastermind. He’s actually quite Stupid – a moronic Moron [if you will].

But, perhaps, this is why he works so well with ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, who, himself, is not one of the guiding puppet-masters of the Left.

The-Jarrett-Junto-001f-275x166These two are merely frontispieces for people like Valerie Jarrett and the two Davids, Axelrod and Plouffe.

‘Obama’ and Kerry are also united in their Derangement, their delirious and crackpot Madness.

Of course, even the Leftist Masterminds of The Jarrett Junto are Mad, but at least they possess some intelligence – as demented as it may be.

A grand Insanity has gripped this nation since 2008 and it led us to the point where we stand on the precipice of Annihilation.

God have Mercy on our Souls.

[Tip of the fedora to Mark Levin for bringing JFK’s remarks to my attention.]

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