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‘Dunked In S–t’: If A Conservative Republican Wins The Presidency

14 August 2015 @ 14:27

If someone like a Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz wins the Presidency, methinks Mike Hendrix will be proven a prophet:

But even if a Cruz got nominated–and he won’t, and we all know that too–what good do you think he’s going to be able to do against a diseased, bloated, warped bureaucracy as entrenched, as interwoven into the fabric of our national existence, as ours is? Do you really think a president Cruz will manage to eliminate even a single federal bureaucracy, no matter how redundant, irrelevant, useless, or destructive it might be? If you do, you’re dreaming.

He won’t even be able to cut the budget of the Department of the Study of Investigating the Feasibility of Providing The Hammerheaded Golden-Crested Bullfinch (currently Endangered) with Solar Panels for their Nests. He’ll maybe decrease the annual increase of their budget by about a seventh of a fifth of one percent, amounting in real dollars to exactly a buck three-eighty-five, and there will be bloody Hell raised in the press and elsewhere over even that much. Protests will be held. The rent-a-mobs defending the precious Constitutional rights of the Hammerheaded Golden-Crested Bullfinch (currently Endangered) may even come to blows. There may be looting.

Then the Republicrats will quietly leave that item out of the budget, assuming they even bother to pass one that year in the first place, and everyone will dash off to the next Crucially Vitally Critically Important Crisis, and the chin-pullers, tongue-waggers, and pud-pounders in the Serious You Guys Press will blibber pedantically on about how we must all Take These Numbers Seriously. And the Hammerheaded Golden-Crested Bullfinches (currently Endangered) will get the solar panels for their nests, which won’t work out quite as well as expected because it will turn out they live in holes in the ground instead of nests, much to everyone’s gobsmacked surprise–except for a handful of true scientists who had been trying to warn us all along, but who had been dismissed and derided as crackpot Nest Deniers in the paid employ of Big Whatever.

And that will require the establishment of a new federal department to determine how exactly we managed to get it so wrong, and where the 82 billion dollars went, and just who is responsible for all this. Yes, there will be televised hearings, which will continue on in perpetuity without ever reaching a single solid conclusion anyone can understand.

So, in short, yeah. Trump ain’t gonna fix any of this. Neither is anybody else, no matter how Seriously™ we all take whoever the empty-suit crook propped up before us for our election-night approbation might be. Fixing it requires a whole bunch of killing and suffering and deprivation and general chaotic awfulness, none of which guarantees that it will in fact be fixed, none of which any sane person really wants. In fact, if human history is any guide, it would probably only get worse. And it’s unlikely that a populace as coddled, cossetted, and pussified as ours is would ever rise up to break the shackles chaining them to ESPN, triple-mocha lattes, and DVR porn in their satellite-ready automobiles anyway. Might as well enjoy the sight of a few Ruling Class con artists getting dunked in shit in the meantime, that’s what I think.

If Mike’s site, Cold Fury, is not a regular stop on your travels through The Ether then that just ain’t right.

I left this comment on his post…

If and who I vote for in the 2016 Presidential Election will not depend on his plans for ‘fixing’ things domestically.

I agree with you, Mike, that, as far as the national government is concerned, the patient is terminal. That is why I advocate we concentrate our efforts at Restoring Freedom and Ordered Liberty at the local, county, and state level.

However, in Foreign and National Security Affairs, a President can still make a real difference, so, if I end up voting in the 2016 Presidential Election, it will be for someone who understands the real external threats to America, such as Islam, Fascist Russia, Red China. I would only support someone who wants to attempt to reinstate a Pax Americana based on Right Reason, discarding such foolishness as ‘nation-building’.

Domestically, any President who is not a Traitor will find his hands tightly tied. Whatever hope their is for a Restoration internally lies solely with us, The Remnant.



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