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On Resisting The Despots And The Call To Arms of @MarkLevinShow

22 July 2015 @ 07:43

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Why hasn’t the TEA Party Movement been revived?

Why hasn’t it reorganized itself now that it knows the IRS will go after it if the Movement tries to form Non-Profits?

Why do TEA Party Groups have to be organized as Non-Profit Organizations?

Why can’t they incorporate as For-Profit entities, have independent audits done every year, and publish them, so that we can assure that they are not Scam Operations?

The TEA Party Movement actually accomplished many good things before it was viciously attacked by the Tyrannical Left, with the approval of the utterly corrupt GOP Establishment.

On his radio show last evening, Mark Levin called for us to join him in actively fighting and resisting our would-be Slavemasters.

Time is running out…

Let’s roll.


  1. formwiz permalink
    22 July 2015 @ 15:04 15:04

    The Libertarians demanded everybody play by their rules. No foreign policy, we never win a war (forget Iraq); we hate neocons. No social issues, the Left always wins (forget gun control); we hate socons.

    Unfortunately, the Libertarians are all talk and no stick.

    When the IRS showed up, they folded. As always.

    The next time out, the Tea Party must be Conservative. If the Libertarians want to join, fine, but we make the rules.

    • 22 July 2015 @ 21:25 21:25

      I Say: No Libertarians allowed – just libertarians.

  2. 25 July 2015 @ 23:16 23:16

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