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John Forbes Kerry Chokes…Up

17 July 2015 @ 19:27

And I thought Madeleine Albright was a total Goddamn embarrassment…

From The New York Times, Davis Sanger and Michael Gordon reporting, we learn [I won’t link the bastards][tip of the fedora to Matthew Continetti via Sdferr]:

…Finally, on Tuesday, the agreement was announced.

When the photo ops were over, the seven foreign ministers who had negotiated it met for the last time. Each spoke briefly about the importance of the moment. Mr. Kerry spoke last, but then added a personal coda. Choking up, he recalled going off to Vietnam as a young naval officer and said he never wanted to go through that again. He emerged committed, he said, to using diplomacy to avoid the horrors of war.

Interesting, considering Iran declared War on The Great Satan about, oh, thirty-five years ago and has never stopped waging it against us.

Controlling my anger at the rank imbecility of JFK is very difficult.  Right now, I’m restraining myself from unleashing a flurry of expletives that would make a Gunnery Sergeant blush — and spike my blood pressure to a dangerous level.

As Mark Steyn remarked in a recent post of his that I quoted in one of mine:

So everyone can go on dreaming their fantasies, never once questioning their own assumptions about what the ClownEmperor wishes to achieve. Pretend ClownDisaster wants something good for America — rather than the punishment of America and her old allies, and the boon tides befalling America’s avowed enemies in the Middle East. All in all, it’s quite the con job. Monumental even, in that respect.

But I think Kerry, in his own sick and twisted way, really believes his Treason here will stop Iran — that, though he, too, wants to see America punished for it’s ‘sins’, his main motivation is exactly what he, the meandering moron, claims.

If my hunch is correct, then it is imperative that John Forbes Kerry be immediately put in a straightjacket and committed to an institution for the mentally insane.

But, of course, that is exactly what won’t happen because Insanity Is The New Normal.

Might as well, go along with lunacy…

  1. 17 July 2015 @ 23:43 23:43

    Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    JFK is a dispicible @#+%$&# moron of the lowest order. He is a traitor and should be treated as such.

    • 18 July 2015 @ 01:20 01:20

      There’s a lot of Treason about in D.C. these days.

  2. 17 July 2015 @ 23:43 23:43

    He libeled a generation. I care little for what comes from his mouth.

  3. sdferr permalink
    18 July 2015 @ 10:44 10:44

    Andrew McCarthy attempts to salvage some order from the Constitution which to apply to the unilateral seizure of American sovereignty by the falsifying Executive. I only note that beyond the obvious facial meaning of the impeachment clauses of the Constitution, the whole point was to make a worthy substitute for the violent removal of tyranny, whether incipient or actual. Congress can either stand up and do its duty, or else stand aside and accept responsibility for the chaos which will ensue. That ought to be a simple and clear choice. Given the Congress we have, we can expect them to fail to understand.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      18 July 2015 @ 22:54 22:54

      They fail to survive that chaos as well.

  4. geoffb5 permalink
    18 July 2015 @ 12:01 12:01

    Choking up, he recalled going off to Vietnam as a young naval officer and said he never wanted to go through that again. He emerged committed, he said, to using diplomacy to avoid the horrors of war.

    “The horror, the horror.”
    “Of being the butt of all jokes on my first posting.”
    “The heartbreak of having my dreams of being a water-taxi driver squelched by higher command turning my “taxi” into a war boat.”
    “The excruciating pain of carpal tunnel and paper cuts from writing up myself for Purple Hearts.”
    “The desperate fear that I’d not get those three medals soon enough and might get an actual wound.”
    “I’ve devoted my entire life to making sure that all I’ve dreamed myself to be, is what I truly believe that I am, no matter what reality may throw up to thwart my holy mission”

    Others take a dim view of another JFK.

    • Adobe_Walls permalink
      18 July 2015 @ 22:53 22:53

      He’s not even useful as an idiot.

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