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‘This Agreement Will Have Bloody And Brutal Consequences.’ – @MarkSteynOnline

15 July 2015 @ 09:12

Mark Steyn is onto something here [emphasis mine]:

I checked in with Sean Hannity on Fox News to share my thoughts on both the Iran “deal” and illegal immigration. You can see the full interview here.

Sean started by cross-cutting Barack Obama on Tuesday with Neville Chamberlain in 1938. But I thought that comparison was unfair to Chamberlain. He was an honorable man who loved his country and just happened to get the greatest issue of the day wrong. You can’t say the same of Obama:

Steyn said he thinks what President Barack Obama did is “significantly worse” than what former British prime minister Neville Chamberlain did. He also stated that he doesn’t think the president was negotiating on behalf of the United States.

“I think what happened at these talks is that he and the Iranians were in a sense negotiating together to anoint Iran as the regional power in the Middle East and to facilitate Iran’s re-entry, the biggest planetary sponsor of terrorism, to facilitate its re-entry into the global community,” Steyn said. “That’s what Obama was there doing.”

I think the nuclear issue was a mere pretext, a Hitchcockian McGuffin. Iran will be a nuclear state, and very soon. The joke inspections regime – under which Teheran can block any inspections for the best part of a month – will facilitate the nuclearization of Iran and prevent anyone who objects to it – such as Israel – from doing anything about it. That’s a given.

But that’s not what the talks were about. Obama’s vision of the post-American Middle East sees Iran as the dominant power, and that’s what the negotiations were there to finesse. As I said to Sean, Obama’s belief that American power and influence has been bad for the world extends beyond America itself to America’s allies. So on missile defense he takes the side of Russia over US allies like Poland and the Czech Republic; in the Falklands he takes the side of Argentina over the United Kingdom; and now in the Middle East he takes the side of Iran over the Sunni Arab monarchies and Israel.

This agreement will have bloody and brutal consequences.

Dead [literally and figuratively] solid perfect.

-I think we can now state with much certainty now that ‘Obama’ is full of Shia.

-We’ve all been trying to figure out why ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has been acting as he has in the Middle East and I think Mark has hit upon the exact answer.

This is not about the rank stupidity and ignorance of The Jarrett Junto.

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxThis is about a perverse belief that America, firstly, and the Anglosphere*, secondly, are Evil forces with way too much Power and Influence in the world that must be undermined and ended.

These fools believe that they can readjust the Balances Of Power in the World so that the the various ‘Enlightened Regimes’ [ie: ‘Totalitarian Hellholes’] can each be allotted their own regions where they can be the dominant power [kind of like when Lucky Luciano split New York into The Five Families]. This will allow, so the thinking of the Left In America goes in it’s funhouse mirror view of Power Politics, The Jarrett Junto to concentrate on the ‘important’ task of bringing about Heaven On Earth in America.

The trouble is: the Totalitarians who are working closely with the Administration have no intention of being restricted to their territories – this, by the way, is where the rank stupidity and ignorance of The Jarrett Junto comes in. Some, like Fascist Russia and Red China, want to be the Sole Superpower, while the Muslims want to conquer the whole World.

Just as, domestically, the GOP Establishment are the Useful Idiots of the Democratic Party, so The Jarrett Junto are the Useful Idiots of Islam and the other Totalitarian Regimes of the World.

In their arrogant and total Ignorance, The Jarrett Junto is setting the stage for the deaths and/or Enslavement of millions of free people in America and the Anglosphere.

‘Death to America’ and ‘Goddamn America’, indeed.


*I include Israel in the Anglosphere.

  1. RS (Shermlaw) permalink
    15 July 2015 @ 10:58 10:58

    This administration hates Israel as much much as it hates America. Being anti-Israel does not play in American politics, however, and so Obama is using Iran as a proxy. If Iran succeeds (which it won’t) it will be after his watch and he will have a modicum of plausible deniability. If Israel preemptively protects itself, it gives Obama an excuse to abandon it formally because, “the Israelis violated an international agreement.”

  2. geoffb5 permalink
    17 July 2015 @ 09:50 09:50

    Steyn is always more eloquent than I am.

    “When a mayor, a city council, a school board, negotiates with a government employees union it is reported as if these two entities are adversaries when in fact they are partners working together to fleece a third party that has been led to believe its interests are being served by one of the negotiators.

    This third party is known to the ones colluding as the suckers. Guess who that is in this agreement?”


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