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‘The Whole Edifice Is Built On And Sustained By Lies Upon Lies Upon Lies’ – @GeoffB5

14 July 2015 @ 09:09

Recently, Friend In The Ether GeoffB reported on his recon of the Left In America:

Three main divisions are in the left coalition. The “caring liberals” aka “the wealthy” (not the “rich” who are the upper-middle class) and the government union workers. The grievance groups, poor, feminist, black, hispanic, LGBT etc. And at the top the power seeking sociopaths aka community organizers, leaders.

Leftism-Unmasked-001fxThe relationship of the top to the others goes like this.

To the wealthy, “We will tax those pesky guys just below you and help keep them in their place, we will use the money to pay off and satiate the howling mob of the poor so that they don’t come to your door with ropes.”

To the poor, “We will take money from those lucky rich guys and give it to you.”

To the government employees, “We will siphon most of the money off into your hands on its way to the poor and we shall both get lauded as caring, loving, good people for it.”

To the other grievance groups, “We will show you what the solution to all your problems is and ensure that the government employees implement that solution.” Unstated is that the “solution” will only cosmetically “solve” their “problem.” It will lead to even more “problems” to be “solved.” And most importantly the favored “solutions” will give more power and money to the sociopath/organizers which is the whole of the reason for all the “problem” — “solution” dance.

Of course the whole edifice is built on and sustained by lies upon lies upon lies. Everything said by the “organizers” is a lie aimed to keep the dance toward power going on just a day/week/month longer.

Yeah…until, eventually, sometime, INEVITABLY!, Heaven On Earth is achieved! —As a result of this Slow Dance Of Death.

Meanwhile, Innocent people will have their lives made a chronic Misery and a decent number will die as a result of their miserable condition, with some losing their lives via the intentions of various state policies [‘End Of Life’ duiscussions, anyone?].

The Enemy is truly and completely Evil.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    14 July 2015 @ 20:15 20:15

    Serfdom and darkness will be our fate, it doesn’t have to be but that’s where were headed.


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