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On Trump, Howard Beale, The ‘Pragmatists’, And The Remnant

12 July 2015 @ 20:03

Methinks Ms. Evi is onto something here [tip of the fedora to, well, Evi]:

What attracts people to Mr. Trump is he is having a Howard Beale, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore.” It is theater, it is summer, and so the Donald is on a roll. He will eventually get bored, or perhaps he will run as a third party and be a spoiler.

But here is the real issue: We have a President who conspires with the IRS and other government agencies to take out political opponents and the press does nothing, Bernie Sanders has a history of insane comments and is not called on it, Hillary flouts laws that would land any Republican in the clink and the media ignores it. The supreme court is some star chamber that can rewrite the constitution or ignore it on a case by case basis. If this situation does not change fast we are heading to a very bad place.

This isn’t funny.

Indeed, it isn’t.

It is a very, very serious situation — whether the idea of America will continue to live-on in any substantial way is what’s at stake.

Will we continue to head-down the road to Totalitarian Enslavement or will we bring about a Restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties?

The GOP should be worried about being trumped by Trump, for, as Glenn Reynolds writes:

…Trump might turn out to be another Ross Perot, whose plain talk about deficits excited a lot of GOP voters who then saw George H.W. Bush as an unappetizing substitute.

And that could lead to their dreams of ‘taking back’ The White House dashed on the rocks of their smugness and arrogance.

You see, the Republican Establishment [which includes the Conservative Establishment] is playing a game of Power And Control with the Democrats / Leftists.

Some of them think this is all some kind of sport and that America will survive the match-up.  They are fools who are in for a rude awakening.

The rest of the Republican and Conservative Establishment are not as naive.  They are the ‘Pragmatists’, who know that this is all quite serious, but they believe the struggle for Power And Control is a reality that cannot be changed or overthrown.  To them, the Era Of Big, Intrusive, Parental Government is here to stay.  That’s life! — get used to it — they proclaim.  However, these two Establishments are very naive in one area: they believe that the Soft Despotism we have will never reach the horrendous state of the Totalitarian Regimes that ravaged Germany, Russia, Mainland China, etc..

The Left In America is playing for keeps and the only reason they have not fully turned as violent as the Communists and Nazis is they haven’t had to yet because their slow brainwashing of America, one that’s been going on for over a century, has been working quite nicely.  Why spill blood when the masses are happily enslaving themselves?  Besides: the option to ‘get bloody’ is always there, ready to be utilized for The Cause, for finishing The Revolution.

The reason in the past decade the Left In America has accelerated it’s efforts in fundamentally transforming America into a Dictatorial State is because the Masterminds behind it are (a) convinced that this is the perfect moment to ratchet things up and (b) because they have grown impatient [this latter reason, which is a fault of all of those who base their thinking in emotions, is ripe for us taking advantage of — hint].

The Left In America believes that enough members of American Society have been infected with Leftist Thinking that they can be controlled and that those not overly infected, that small Remnant that are the conservatives, are small enough in number and weakened enough by the Leftist Cancer now that they can be fairly easily defeated in a few years time.

What these Masterminds, of course, forget is that vast, vast majority of The Remnant are armed and the whole lot of us are, with each passing day that brings more and more Tyranny to America, becoming more resolved to sacrifice our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor to defeat the alien invasion force known as Leftism.

But the continuation of this admirable Resolve is not guaranteed to last unless the whole part of our minority group maintains it’s Courage, it’s Sense Of Duty, it’s Commitment to vanquish those Evil forces and their appeasing lapdogs who seek the destruction of the Idea Of America.

I know not what course others may take, but as for me:
I will not be a slave; I will either Live Free Or Die.

— O U T L A W —


  1. Name never made public permalink
    12 July 2015 @ 21:20 21:20

    “And that could lead to their dreams of ‘taking back’ The White House dashed on the rocks of their smugness and arrogance.”

    What makes you think they wanted to take it back? The GOPs ARE the spoilers. Their GOAL is to lose it.

  2. 12 July 2015 @ 23:22 23:22

    Bob, I do not see the drama you do. I see gradual slow decline reaching the point of un-sustainability and disintegration of the country. The disintegration is happening now, so when it formally happens it will be more sad than anything else.

    Think of the devision of Pakistan and India and a reverse Oklahoma migration from places like California.


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