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Confronting Two Cliches

30 June 2015 @ 14:37

Just a quick response to two cliches that I’ve had chance to encounter over the past number of days:

1) Here’s one repeated by those who blame Abraham Lincoln for the coming of a strong national government to America [most people first heard this, I think, when Historian Shelby Foote said it in the documentary The Civil War by Ken Burns]:

Before Lincoln, people would say ‘The United States are…’, but after, it was ‘The United States is…’.

If, indeed, the Federal Government was put permanently on the course to domination as a result of The Civil War, perhaps, people began this rephrasing because doing so was an emotional response to the greatest carnage the people of North had ever seen or probably ever heard of, that this was a way of expressing that ‘The Union, she was preserved’.

If you want to put the blame correctly for the stronger national government after The Civil War, apply it to the Radical Republicans, who opposed President Lincoln’s ‘let ’em up easy’ / ‘with malice towards none’ / ‘let us bind up the nation’s wounds’ plan for Reconstruction, and who got their way in spades.

One only has to read the writings of the Radical Republicans to see that they were crypto-Socialists [later changed to ‘Progressives’] or, if you prefer: the Grandfathers of Statism in America.

Conservatives bashing Mr. Lincoln is getting to be rather a bore.

2) Our next cliche concerns more recent events and goes something like this:

As much as Obama deserves blame for the really bad situation we’re in, this Statism started with the prior Administration.

I would use the phrase ‘prior administrations‘ – this has been going on in the Presidency since that blowhard T. Roosevelt.

The Progressive Mindset successfully invaded both Parties in the late 19th Century, having influence first in the Congress, then in the Presidencies of T.R. and Wilson, then, finally, in the Federal Courts in the second, third, and fourth decades of the 20th Century.

-The Leftist Cancer has been a chronic disease that has now turned fatal.

That is why, to be correct, one must now say: ‘The United States was…’.

  1. formwiz permalink
    30 June 2015 @ 15:25 15:25

    I thought it was the Libertarians bashing old Abe.

    With some justification.

    • 30 June 2015 @ 19:19 19:19

      -President Lincoln was certainly not perfect. He was aware that he had made mistakes, but he did not seek to use the power of a national government, backed by a just victorious Military, to punish The South.

      -The [what used to be called] Agrarian Conservatives have always had a hot burr on their arses for Lincoln.

      • mysterian permalink
        30 June 2015 @ 23:46 23:46

        Lincoln killed the Republic in exactly the same way that Marius killed the Roman Republic. Whether his peace would have been different from the Radical Republicans is immaterial. In the original republic the states were superior to the federal government in all aspects but for the ones called out in the Constitution. After the war the federal government had escaped the leash of the states and was now their master in all respects even if it didn’t actually act on it until later…

  2. 30 June 2015 @ 16:25 16:25

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