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Sinatra 100th: The Best Performances – 37-35

19 June 2015 @ 19:52

Sinatra100th-Logo-009-250gxRing-A-Ding-Ding, everybody!

Here at TCOTS, we’re celebrating Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday by counting down what I think are his 100 best performances on Vinyl and CD. All of the songs on the List have been released on either one or both mediums. Interspersed with the countdown will be Honorable Mentions that didn’t make the List and a countdown of what I think are his best albums.

Francis Albert will be your pilot and Bobby Bell your navigator.

So sit back easy in your easy chair, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s take-off in the blue…

37 —TIE

A Foggy Day

Music & Lyrics: George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin
Recorded: 5 November 1953
From the album Songs For Young Lovers

Frank recorded this number twice and this one is clearly the better of the two versions for it has a jauntiness about it that fits-in perfectly with the ‘wistful loneliness’ the Gershwin Brothers incorporated in the song.

It’s also the better recording because it includes the verse, which is a perfect fit, unlike many you find.

Check out Mark Steyn’s insightful take on both versions here and check out the later recording here.

Everybody Loves Somebody

Music & Lyrics: Irving Taylor, Ken Lane
Recorded: 25 November 1957
Included in the compilation albums This Is Sinatra Volume II, This Is Sinatra 1953-1957 [UK], and The Capitol Years.

Not as wonderfully marvelous as Dino’s two versions [the hit version / the original arrangement that appeared on Dream With Dean (I like this one better)], but damn fine, nevertheless. If Dean hadn’t made his recordings, Frank’s version would still have insured that this song became a classic Romance Ballad.

Grab your favorite gal, sit close together on the couch, put your feet up, and listen.

36 — I’ll Be Seeing You

Music & Lyrics: Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal
Recorded: 1 May 1961
From the album I Remember Tommy

Francis recorded several versions of this Great American Songbook tune [see Mark Steyn’s top-notch take on this wonderful tune here], but whereas the others are more serious, I find this celebratory one much more satisfying.  I like sad, but not dispirited.  Life goes on, pal.

35 —TIE


Music & Lyrics: Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen
Recorded: 19 December 1960
From the album Ring-A-Ding-Ding

Another great swinger from Cahn and Van Heuse, written especially for Frank [I’m mean, who else could do it justice?].

Feeling down?  Pile-on this platter and Dr. Bob assures you’ll be cured.

Love IS the loveliest thing.


Music & Lyrics: Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh
Recorded: 20 May 1957
Released as a Single; included in the compilation albums All The Way, Sinatra 80th: All The Best, The Capitol Collectors Series, and The Capitol Years.

Francis Albert do-doing that voodoo that he do soooo well…

See you next Friday as we head-off again to Bobsville.

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It’s a swingin’ world.

If you’re having trouble tracking down any of the performances on this List, contact me at Robert[dot]Belvedere[at]gmail[dot]com and I might be able to help you.


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