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Well, Slap My Mammy!: Individualism’s Logical End

16 June 2015 @ 11:17

Dudley-Dickerson-A005cxPerhaps it’s best to start with a quote from one of my favorite character actors, Dudley Dickerson, who appeared as the ‘put-upon Negro guy’ in a number of Three Stooges shorts:

This house has sho’ gone crazy!

When Mark Steyn’s good, he’s real good:

…Rachel Dolezal has resigned as President of the local NAACP, the black civil rights group, because she is, in fact, white. Spokane County is less than two per cent black, and would seem to have no very pressing need for a local NAACP chapter. But, if you build it, they will come, even if a remarkable number come with the faint whiff of burnt cork and singing “De Camptown Races”. “NAACP” stands for National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Ms Dolezal is a very literally colored person: she tans her skin and applies contouring make-up in order to “pass” for black. Sure, the Twitpic she posted of a random African-American as her dad shows attention to detail and her propensity for reporting fake hate crimes was a nice touch (she’s of German descent, so she drew a swastika), but if you’re serious about “transitioning” eventually you need the full “negroplasty”, as “South Park” called it all those years ago. Incidentally, is this a great country or what? Once upon a time you had to be a real black to call in a fake hate crime, but now fake blacks can do it, too. At long last, the transracials — the chemically colored people — are demanding their right to sit at the back of the bus, with all the cool identity groups. #ColoredLivesMatter!

There’s a lot of it about: Jeb Bush checked the Hispanic box on his voter registration form. And in The [Un]documented Mark Steyn (personally autographed copies of which, etc, etc) I quote this remarkable line from The Fordham Law Review:

Harvard Law School hired its first woman of color, Elizabeth Warren, in 1995.

Senator Warren walks like a white, quacks like a white, looks whiter than white. As I like to say, she’s the whitest white since Frosty the Snowman fell in a vat of White-Out. And yet The Fordham Law Review hailed her as Harvard Law School’s “first woman of color”, and good for them. Why do we impose outmoded stereotypes and demand that black women be black? Why can’t a woman of color retain her pallor? After all, as The New York Post informed us, “Caitlyn Jenner Still Has Her Penis“.

Is that the first American newspaper headline to use the phrase “her penis”? If so, it won’t be the last. Caitlyn Jenner still has her penis, Elizabeth Warren still has her pallor, Jeb Bush still has his pad at Kennebunkport, Rashaqua’nishia Brunnhilde von Dolezal still has her swastika. But all of them have recognized that it’s last orders at the White Privilege saloon….

But that’s the left’s genius. If the personal is political, why can’t it still be political even when it’s not personal? In contemporary America, race and sexuality are no longer confined to personal identity but to professional status markers — so why not be professionally black, professionally gay, professionally Cherokee?

We have raised two generations in the west who want to be …something else. …It’s about the wish of First World advanced societies to enjoy the cleansing moral frisson of an idealized pre-industrial Third World aesthetic….

[As I said at least a decade ago: there will likely come a time where converting to Islam will become chic, the in-thing to do to be Cool.]

It’s about Self-Hatred, the result of being propagandized since the cradle that everything — absolutely every-blessed-thing — about Western Civilization is Evil. Add to that, as Mark says, that, as far as these brainwashed fools are concerned, ‘it’s last orders at the White Privilege saloon’ and you have the perfect conditions for Self-Hatred to arise.

It’s also easier to give in to the societal trends than to resist the onslaught of Barbarity. That would take too much time and effort and, besides, it’s Party Time! Anyway, who wants to fight the Powers That Be — you could end-up losing all the stuff you have. Much better to go along in order to get along and not make any waves.

The worst kind of crimes are labeled ‘Notorious Crimes’ and that’s what we’ve committed against the last several generations. What we have done is also a Mortal Sin, one that has put our Souls in jeopardy.

It is much easier to do Evil than it is to do Good — in part, because we convince ourselves that everything will work out in the end and the full weight of the Evil will not land on us.

Ask the Gulag Prisoner or the Christians knelling on Middle Eastern beaches how that theory holds up.

  1. geoffb5 permalink
    16 June 2015 @ 14:47 14:47

    You might wish to take a look at this 1956 book from which the Federalist piece Rush talked about was based.

    • 16 June 2015 @ 19:34 19:34

      I will – thank you.

      May I send you an excerpt from Solzhenitsyn to your e-mail address [and if ‘Yes’, would your prefer Word2010 or PDF?]?

  2. Shermlaw (RS) permalink
    16 June 2015 @ 21:26 21:26

    In spite what Progressive Left asserts, Americans are a quite tolerant lot. We put up with a lot of lunacy, provided it doesn’t adversely affect our daily life. I think it’s quite possible that will see a major reaction to all the latest idiocy mentioned by Steyn, for the precise reason that the Left must have both acceptance and celebration for the pathology du jour. Bruce Jenner exposes all the lies of the “Gender as Construct” business. Rachel Dolezeal exposes the lies of institutional grievance. Emma Sulkowicz exposes the lies of Corporate Feminism. It’s classic Leftism; lofty promises followed by an overplayed hand.

    • geoffb5 permalink
      17 June 2015 @ 01:38 01:38

      You say overplayed. They say “Prove it.”

  3. geoffb5 permalink
    17 June 2015 @ 00:48 00:48

    Please do, pdf is fine.

  4. 17 June 2015 @ 13:29 13:29

    As a transspecied (I identify as a dog) I find this post offensive. Next time there better be a trigger warning.

    • 17 June 2015 @ 22:13 22:13

      Sure…I’ll give a trigger warning, but the barrel will be aimed at you.

  5. 17 June 2015 @ 18:54 18:54

    It is mind blowing that there are people that think a person can actually pick their sex or race.
    She is either a fraudster or mental case.

  6. 22 June 2015 @ 18:25 18:25

    As a long-time fan of the band, I saw that title and this came to mind:

    • 22 June 2015 @ 19:35 19:35

      Two [or is it one] of my favorites. I couldn’t help but having it be an earworm while I wrote the post.

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