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#Feminism – Spawned From The Leftist Womb

31 May 2015 @ 18:01

Stacy McCain has published another penetrating [pun intended?] mini-essay on the Ideology of Feminism, entitled: The Feminist-Industrial Complex: Fat Lesbians vs. the ‘Heteronormative Gaze’ — the title tells you exactly what to expect from it.  It is, as with everything he writes on the subject, well-worth a read [and contemplation].

An interesting exchange occurred in the Comments section to this post…

NewClass Traitor:

I bought your book. I still think there are saner varieties of feminism that I find common ground with — “equity feminism” a la Christine Hoff Sommers, or the work of the Independent Women’s Forum — and that the extreme form of feminism that you portray in the book should properly be called gynosupremacism.

But Holy. Mother. Of. Pork. The authors you are quoting at length in your book do read like a study in psychopathology. No wonder one gets attacked for merely quoting them accurately: their worst enemy is their own words.

Stacy’s responses:

The point you make is, of course, one that I address directly in the introduction: “What do we mean by the word ‘feminism’?” And, carrying that question forward through the book’s examination of feminism as a political philosophy — founded on a theory of women’s oppression under “male supremacy” — I show how feminism, especially as it is taught in university Women’s Studies programs, is engaged in a War Against Human Nature.

The idea of a “feminism” that is compatible with capitalism, democracy and human happiness — which is what Christina Hoff Sommers and other Republican-aligned “feminists” have attempted to promote — suffers from two basic problems:

1. It is not recognized as “feminism” by actual feminists, i.e., the leaders and spokeswomen of the feminist movement, who are and always have been politically aligned with the Left, especially with the Democrat Party in the United States.

2. Trying to call a pro-capitalist, pro-freedom agenda “feminist” lends itself to confusion and accusations of dishonesty.

Republican “feminists” are actually opposed to the radical agenda of the organized (left-wing) feminist movement, so that they are for all practical purposes anti-feminists. Why not simply state this in the most direct terms? If we believe that the best interests of women are served by a free-market economic system and a preservation of constitutional liberty, and if we know that the radical agenda of feminism is hostile to those aims, conservatives should simply state the truth: “Feminism is bad for women, and therefore conservatives oppose it.”


In fewer words:

Then Adobe Walls chimed-in with his usual spot-on pithiness:

Feminism is mere leftism, making the solution obvious.


Feminism is an Ideology that was born in the Leftist Womb. Thus, it and all of it’s manifestations are forever the flowering of an Evil seed.

Those Women on the Right who claim to be Feminists are aiding and abetting the Leftist Narrative.

I would highly recommend they seek out some non-Ideological term for what it is they believe in and what they seek.  Ladies, be warned, however: in your quest to rid yourselves of the taint of an ‘-ist’ and ‘-ism’, you may discover that some of what you believe is rooted in that plague of Modern Mankind: Ideology.  If that happens, to quote Ayn Rand: ‘Check your premises’ [I wish she had taken her own advice].

SIDENOTE: If you haven’t bought Stacy McCain’s book yet…


…what’s your problem?

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